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Be a DIA Guru: Imports

(Disclaimer:  We try to keep this blog, for the most part, of general interest as opposed to focused on particulars of using the DIA software.  This post is an exception.)

Want to store donations information with your DIA supporter record?

Want to import petition signers?

Want to create Group membership -- or the Groups themselves -- during an import?

When we set up new users on DemocracyInAction, we usually handle or assist imports of migrating data.  Plenty of DIA users never touch the importer after that, but it's actually one of the most potent features in our system.

Knowing how to import -- and in some cases, how to game the import tool -- can be invaluable for organizations that have a lot of offline activity or lists coming in from different sources.  It can improve your data-sharing.  It can free you to have volunteers or interns input data into spreadsheets they already understand without having to teach them our software or worry about them damaging your data.  And of course, it can deeply enrich your supporter management.

Without further ado, then:  a DIA Imports Tipsheet; and, a companion Excel file of basic import exemplars.


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