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Salsa 1.8.7

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Hey folks, we have another release for you -- Salsa 1.8.7, which has unleashed 29 features and bug fixes. Let us keep this one short and sweet since it's solidly springtime (for many of us) and chances are you're distracted by the nicer weather. Or the allergies, if you're like me... and then I am so very sorry for you. Regardless, check out the awesome highlight from this release, and see the complete set of release notes here.

Easily the coolest thing here is the integration of Facebook Connect with events. Now, when a supporter wants to sign up for your event, they can sign up using their Facebook account instead of filling out the standard event registration form. It's the easiest thing in the world to enable this for your event: go to the "user information" tab of the event workflow, check the box labeled "Facebook Connect" and click save. Everything works pretty much the same way -- the supporter is still added to your lists (if she wasn't already), for example. The one potential drawback is that registering this way only grabs the supporter's email and name -- if you're looking for other data (say, their address), that information won't be collected. Because of this, the Facebook Connect option should not be used on paid events.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay tuned for Salsa release 1.8.8, coming in a few weeks.


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