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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Query on Email Statistics

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This week, we've added a feature to your Query tool: the ability to query and target based on an individual's email statistics.

Email Statistics Query

You're probably already used to checking email statistics for your blasts.

But Salsa also stores counts of emails opened and emails clicked for each supporter, as well as for each email blast.

The new Email Statistics Query enables you to identify supporters according to their individual engagement with all the emails your organization has sent within the past 90 days.

For instance, the query in this screenshot would select everybody who has opened more than three emails from you in the past three months:

Image: The Email Statistics query in Salsa

Suggested Uses

Several Salsa organizations have already been using the Email Statistics query to target supporters based on high or low engagement with their messages.

  • Use the Emails Sent field to find (and maybe filter out) people who hear from you a lot already.

  • Search people with a Last Open or Last Click date that's many months past to identify low-engagement supporters. Follow up to re-engage, or just remove them from the list.

  • Search for people with a high Open Percentage or Click Percentage, indicating they're usually interested in what you're sending them. Follow up to convert them to action-takers and donors. (For percentage queries, use a number from 0 to 100, without the % sign. 50 means 50%; 0.5 means one-half of one percent.)

The possibilities are endless! If you find a creative way to improve your list management or email targeting using the Email Statistics query, drop me a line, or share it on!


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