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Friday Fiesta: holidays, cookies, and chocolate chips

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Contrary to the subject line of the email I just sent out, it is not Friday, October 30. For the record. Now I feel better.

If you'd like to receive the Friday Fiesta via email each week, check out this page. Wanna read past Fiesta emails? Are you sure? Don't say I didn't warn you...

Friday Friday Friday, la la la la la...

Trust me, that song I just made up is super-catchy.

Tis the season to fundraise! We have several upcoming fundraising webinars, including a training on how not to ruin your holidays, making the most of the season, and oh, in case you need the basics, check out a Donations 1 webinar.

Commons comments

We've mentioned this a few times, but we wanted to make sure you're not copying and pasting directly from Microsoft Word. Trust me, this just gets messy.

Does anyone have any tips for online voting with verification for Betsy?

Thanks to Bill for an explanation about how Salsa's cookies work and for getting me in the cookie mindset (see side column).

Anne just wanted a Fiesta mention again, I think, but her link for supporter table fields is pretty helpful.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how Ebony could best use her Excel spreadsheet?

This weekend, I'll be enjoying a fundraising hike in the Wisconsin woods. Fall almost makes me forget that it gets so darn cold here...

Have a happy weekend!



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