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Friday Fiesta: scoring, soup, and recurring donations

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Happy Friday (and Happy Fall)!

Did you see our shiny new website design? Alec, Lindsay and others have been working on this for a while, and it sounds like they'd still like feedback, so definitely email and let us know if you have any thoughts to share.

For those who missed the Third Thursday training on scoring, the materials have been posted here, and Garth Moore from 1sky contributed this great guest post on how Scoring can help you better engage your supporters.

Commons comments

This week's highlight was on tracking codes and tags.

Jeanette's looking for some fundraising examples for the holiday season.

New to Salsa? Adam posted some great suggestions for how to be a Salsa Rock Star.

Use Paul did some awesome work to make sure his records were being sent back to Salsa for recurring donations, and Matt Holland with PowerThru Consulting announced one of their packages that can help with this, too.

Here's a note with details on cancelling recurring donations.

I've seen a number of great responses to the customized donation page topic in the past week.

James shared some great thoughts and information on targeting Actions.

Thanks to Bill for the tips on deduplicating petition signatures.

Have a happy weekend!