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Friday Fiesta: fun, happy learning

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Happy Friday!

This week, I'm wishing you Happy Friday direct from Salsa's DC office. Wheee... I've met a few coworkers for the first time this week, and I don't think they find me nearly as frightening as perhaps they once did...

Speaking of making things less scary, our Third Thursday training on Scoring yesterday was pleasant and fun. Garth Moore from 1Sky shared how he used Scoring to more effectively target supporters before Jason explained more about the Scoring interface and answered questions. The presentation is linked here for more fun, happy learning [Note: this is a different, cooler presentation than the one I originally sent out via email].

Commons comments

I added a few notes after Sharon asked for help with updating transaction records.

Can anyone provide some tips about limiting terms of recurring donations?

Thanks to Bill for his feedback on handling supporter records for those who go on leave or sabbatical.

Here are some great tips on creating reports with custom fields.

Thanks to Bryan and Marakie for their feedback on great customized donation pages.

Have a happy weekend!



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