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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Keep Actions fresh by rotating content

by Leslie Hall

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Congress reconvened this week, and I thought we'd take the opportunity to spotlight a few of the cool bells and whistles available with Salsa Actions.

This week: one neat little feature to keep your supporters' advocacy messages to decision-makers fresh.

Rotating Suggested Action Messages

You want to make sure the recipients of your supporters' advocacy messages give them the attention they deserve.

One way to help insure they do so is to provide more than one suggested message for supporters to send.

You can use Salsa to suggest four or five (or as many as you want) different message texts around a single action.

The Add Another Letter button tucked into Actions' "Action Content" tab lets you do just that.

Screenshot: Configuring multiple suggested advocacy messages

For any individual supporter who visits the action page, Salsa will suggest only one of the different texts you've composed. That way, even when your supporters just send your suggested text without customizing it themselves, the action target will still see a variety of different messages in her or his inbox.

Rotating content this way can help keep your messages fresh for the ultimate recipient of those messages ... whether a member of Congress or the local dogcatcher.

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