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8/20 3rd Thur - P2P Donations

Third Thursdays In-person workshop: P2P Donation Pages
August 20, 2009, 3-5:00 pm Eastern

Have you ever wondered how useful peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising campaigns are? Have you ever wanted to create a campaign but were unsure of how to get started? Are you interested to hear a first-hand account of how using P2P pages can raise funds and build momentum? If you answered to any of these questions, this week's Third Thursday training (Aug 20) is for you. We'll spend the first hour teaching you the basics. Then we will be joined by Hailey Snow, Political Director at Young Democrats of America (YDA) for the second hour, who will tell us how YDA has effectively used P2P pages. Please click the link below to learn more:

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