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7/27 New User Orientation

New User Orientation Webinar: Monday, July 27, 2009, 2-2:30 pm Eastern

Data imported? Check. Templates create? Check. Now what?!?

Learn how to navigate your Salsa account. Whether you're new to Salsa or just now getting around to logging in, you may benefit from this 30-minute webinar. We'll cover how to configure your Salsa account settings, how to reach the support team for technical assistance and how you can utilize the Salsa user community, Salsa Commons, for further training and support. We will also cover the basics of imports and gateway/merchant account setup.


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Here they have shared about webinar which is organized for those who love to learn how to navigate to the Salsa account low budget wedding rings and everything related to it including its working will be explained in it so I think it will be a helpful webinar for you


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