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Free online organizing for a year, courtesy of DemocracyInAction

by Jason Z.

DemocracyInAction is giving away a year's service on the online organizing platform Salsa, to five environmental advocacy nonprofits!

No hidden fees. No sneaky upsells.  Just you, organizing online like a rock star.

Forget keeping separate logins for separate lists of donors, activists, event attendees and subscribers. In Salsa, you'll see who's who with a complete package of online engagement tools that let you

  • Easily send out email communications
  • Create online actions and petitions to elected officials
  • Raise money online
  • Organize events
  • Manage your supporters

And it's all free for a year: because DemocracyInAction, a progressive nonprofit providing software as a service, knows that the next year might be pivotal for the earth.  Don't miss this chance to join hundreds of other amazing progressive nonprofits in the DemocracyInAction community without owing a penny.

Like all good things, the Green Grants must end: only applications received by midnight on May 22 can be considered.

So apply today.

Questions?  Contact vruan at democracyinaction dot org for more information about DemocracyInAction's Green Grants.


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