Tell Pete Hoekstra Michigan is Better than This

Republican candidate Pete Hoekstra used the Super Bowl to launch a divisive and hypocritical negative attack ad against Debbie Stabenow.

It couldn't have been more different than the Chrysler Clint Eastwood ad that shows the great things we can do as a State when we come together.

Tell Pete Hoekstra that his ad was an embarrassment to the people of Michigan.

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To: Rep. Pete Hoekstra

Your divisive and hypocritical Super Bowl attack ad was an embarrassment to the people of Michigan and could not have contrasted more with Clint Eastwood’s ad for Chrysler that shows the great things Michigan can do when we come together.

In the worst possible way, your ad attempts to blame others for our national debt, even though you voted for the Wall Street Bailout, which Debbie Stabenow opposed. You voted for budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy and government handouts for big oil companies, which she also opposed.

I reject your ad as an embarrassment to Michigan. I'm standing with Senator Stabenow and her efforts to bring the people of Michigan together to create jobs and a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

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