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The Advisor
, September/October 2016

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Why Seniors Need A Better Benefit Boost

The annual Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is about to set another record low. According to estimates by TSCL’s COLA expert and Advisor editor Mary Johnson, the COLA may be just three tenths of a percent (0.3%) in 2017. That would set a new low for years when inflation was high enough for a COLA to be paid, and would raise monthly benefits only $3.00 per month for the average $1,000 benefit. Read more »

Medicare Premiums May Soar By 22% Next Year

Medicare Part B premiums are forecasted to soar an astonishing 22.3% for an estimated 16 million Medicare beneficiaries in 2017 — the biggest such jump in nearly three decades. The anticipated spike in monthly premiums, from $121.80 to an estimated $149.00 per month in 2017, is primarily due to the effects of an extremely low inflation that’s expected to hit retirees again next year. Medicare Trustees believe that the annual Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2017 will be insufficient to cover the amount of the Medicare Part B premium increase for the majority of Medicare beneficiaries. That would trigger a special “hold harmless” provision of law. Read more »

Senate Committee Tries To Kill Free Medicare Counseling by Mary Johnson

What do flea treatments for dogs, duck eggs, home made pickles, and a pair of overalls have to do with Medicare? These were gifts from friends and neighbors who insisted on giving me something as a thank-you for guiding them through the intricacies of choosing and enrolling in Medicare health and prescription drug plans, and saving them money through informed choices. Read more »

TSCL - In The News

Issues important to you - Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Cost-of-living Adjustments - are making the news and TSCL is helping to make sure the media gets it right. In interview after interview, our team members are setting the record straight when it comes to these critical issues making headlines. Read some of the latest news articles »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

How Supreme Court Ruling On Immigration Affects Social Security and Medicare

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on immigration has significant consequences for Social Security and Medicare. Changes in immigration policy can affect the revenues received by the programs and the number of people claiming benefits in the future. The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to President Obama’s plan to grant “deferred action,” which would have conferred “lawful presence” and associated benefits to an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants. Read more »

Public Input - YOUR Input - Helps Sway Congress!

What's your story about rising drug costs?

Have you had an experience of an extreme increase in your prescription drug price? We would like to talk to you. The more personal examples we share, the more effective our work to influence Congressional leaders to do something about it. Contact us »

Take the 2016 Senior Survey

Survey results give us invaluable information that we share with Members of Congress, help to get media attention on the issues, and use to bring you better services. The results help us craft the TSCL legislative agenda and represent your interests on Capitol Hill. Take the survey now »

Tips for Retirement

Is Dental Insurance Worth The Money?

Medicare doesn’t cover dental benefits, and dental insurance premiums can be more expensive than paying out of your own pocket for routine check ups- and cleanings. The cost to buy an individual policy averages about $400 a year. That’s about what you might pay out-of-pocket without any insurance for two annual exams and cleanings, plus some X-rays. Read tips to avoid problems »

Contribute to Our Work

We rely on donations from our supporters

The Senior Citizens League relies on donations from members and supporters like you. Your donation will help us continue to provide educational resources and fight for protecting Social Security and Medicare benefits on behalf of older Americans. Please make a donation today »

Retirement ResourcesRule Take action


How Social Security Can Be Fixed Without Deep Cuts by Jessie Gibbons, Senior Policy Analyst

The chances are high that the next president of the United States will sign into law legislation that reforms the Social Security program and extends the solvency of the trust fund beyond 2034, its projected year of exhaustion. For years leaders in Washington have been authoring sweeping plans that would enact major benefit cuts like reduced cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) or increased eligibility ages in order to strengthen the financing of the program. But the unpopularity of those plans with voters ensured those plans never went anywhere. Read more »


Halt the Tax Hike on Seniors by U.S. Representative Martha McSally

America’s seniors deserve a secure retirement without the constant worry of how to make ends meet. Washington should be helping in this effort, not making it harder. But that’s not what’s happening. Tucked away into the President’s health care law is a little-known tax increase that’s scheduled to hit seniors in 2017. If allowed to go forward, they will find themselves facing hundreds of dollars in higher taxes – at a time when many can least afford it. Read more »


Would a Higher Cost-of-Living-Adjustment in Social Security Make Me Ineligible for Medicaid?

Q: I recently read that if retirees got higher cost-of-living-adjustments some low-income people would lose eligibility for Medicaid, food stamps, and other benefits. Would using a senior consumer price index to determine the annual raise really do this? Read the answer »


Should I Drop Medigap For Medicare Advantage?

Q: My Medigap premium is more than $250 per month. I’m paying $104.60 for Medicare Part B and $40 per month for a Part D plan. I’ve learned there’s a Medicare Advantage plan in my area that only charges a premium of $30 a month, and that includes Part D and some vision benefits. I’m 72. Is it a good idea to try Medicare Advantage? Read the answer »


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