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The Advisor
, August 2016

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

The Big Issue: High Prescription Drug Costs

Eighty-five percent of older voters think Medicare should be allowed to negotiate drug prices, like it does for all other medical services, according to TSCL’s 2016 Senior Survey. Prescription drugs are one of the fastest growing expenses in retirement for older Americans, second only to Medicare Part B premiums. Drug costs grew 4.6 times faster than the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment over the past 16 years. Read more »

Social Security Benefits Lose 23% of Buying Power

Rising household costs and record low cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) in recent years are eroding the buying power of more than 57 million Social Security recipients. In fact, Social Security benefits have lost 23% of buying power since 2000, according to The Senior Citizens League’s 2016 Survey of Senior Costs. Read more »

TSCL - In The News

Issues important to you - Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Cost-of-living Adjustments - are making the news and TSCL is helping to make sure the media gets it right. In interview after interview, our team members are setting the record straight when it comes to these critical issues making headlines. Read some of the latest news articles »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

78% Of Older Voters Support Strengthening Social Security By Raising Payroll Taxes

Voters have opposed benefit cuts in the past as a way to fix Social Security. But TSCL’s new 2016 Senior Survey found that older voters favor some changes that provide the program with more revenue, and modestly higher benefits in the future. Read more »

Public Input - YOUR Input - Helps Sway Congress!

What's your story about rising drug costs?

Have you had an experience of an extreme increase in your prescription drug price? We would like to talk to you. The more personal examples we share, the more effective our work to influence Congressional leaders to do something about it. Contact us »

Take the 2016 Senior Survey

Survey results give us invaluable information that we share with Members of Congress, help to get media attention on the issues, and use to bring you better services. The results help us craft the TSCL legislative agenda and represent your interests on Capitol Hill. Take the survey now »

Tips for Retirement

Avoid Problems With Mail Order Pharmacies

Filling prescriptions by using mail order pharmacies is convenient, especially for chronic conditions, like high blood pressure and cholesterol control. Today most insurers encourage their enrollees to order prescriptions by mail by offering lower co-pays and sometimes free generics when the option is used. While the system can be good when it works, there’s a lot that can go wrong due to the sheer level of automation. Read tips to avoid problems »

Contribute to Our Work

We rely on donations from our supporters

The Senior Citizens League relies on donations from members and supporters like you. Your donation will help us continue to provide educational resources and fight for protecting Social Security and Medicare benefits on behalf of older Americans. Please make a donation today »

Retirement ResourcesRule Take action


Questions To Ask The Candidates At Your Next Town Hall by Jessie Gibbons, Senior Policy Analyst

Congress has adjourned for a month-long recess and, with the November elections looming, many lawmakers will be holding town hall meetings in their home states and districts. TSCL encourages you to attend these events, since they present excellent opportunities to make your voice heard and to learn more about the candidates. Read more »


The Federal Government Must Be More Careful With Social Security Numbers By Representative David Valadao CA-21)

Each year, more than 13 million people become victims of some sort of identity theft or identify fraud resulting in over $16 billion of stolen money. In fact, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Read more »


I Did Not Order This Prescription. Do I Have To Pay For It?

Q: My doctor recently changed one of my prescriptions and faxed a new one to my health plan’s mail order pharmacy. I received it few days later. Since the old prescription was expiring, I didn’t think I would have to do anything to stop that prescription. Wrong. I wound up with a new shipment of my former prescription a few days later. When I called I was told the prescription was filled correctly and I could not return the unused meds once shipped. Is this legit? Read the answer »


Do I Have To Give Up My Current Healthcare Coverage To Go On Medicare?

Q: I turn 65 next year, and have very good healthcare coverage through my husband’s employer. Do I have to give up this coverage when I sign up for Medicare? Read the answer »


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