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The Advisor
, July 2016

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

99% of Older Voters Not Happy About Secret Social Security Cuts

What do older voters think about the back-door debt limit deal tactics of using Social Security cuts in exchange for lifting the debt limit? The single biggest government account holding federal debt is the Social Security Trust Fund — holding about $2.8 trillion in special obligation bonds, or I.O.U.s for payments of Social Security benefits. Read more »

What Was The Fastest Growing Retiree Cost In 2015? Hint: Not Prescriptions!

Older Americans are going without a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in 2016 due to lower inflation last year, but lower inflation didn’t translate into lower household expenses for retirees in 2015. In fact, nearly 1,200 participants in TSCL’s 2016 Senior Survey indicate that monthly household expenses suffered some pretty steep increases. Read more »

TSCL - In The News

Issues important to you - Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Cost-of-living Adjustments - are making the news and TSCL is helping to make sure the media gets it right. In interview after interview, our team members are setting the record straight when it comes to these critical issues making headlines. Read some of the latest news articles »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

Family Caregivers Need Credit

Caregiving of elderly or disabled family members is a huge commitment in time and financial resources for the caregiver, who often has to take time off from work and give up their own retirement savings to provide care for others. Many caregivers may be interested to learn about The Credit For Caring Act (H.R. 4708, new bipartisan legislation) that would provide up to $3,000 in a family caregiver tax credit. Expenses like groceries, modifications to a home, transportation to a doctors’ visits, or hiring someone to looks after an elderly patient or disabled child would qualify for the credit. Read more »

Public Input - YOUR Input - Helps Sway Congress!

What's your story about rising drug costs?

Have you had an experience of an extreme increase in your prescription drug price? We would like to talk to you. The more personal examples we share, the more effective our work to influence Congressional leaders to do something about it. Contact us »

Take the 2016 Senior Survey

Survey results give us invaluable information that we share with members of Congress, help to get media attention on the issues, and use to bring you better services. The results help us craft the TSCL legislative agenda and represent your interests on Capitol Hill. Take the survey now »

Tips for Retirement

Which Repairs Are Worth Doing Before Selling A Home?

Selling a home to move to lower-cost housing, or as part of a move to assisted living, involves plenty of cleaning, repairs, and maybe some renovations. To get the most money, and to recover your repair and renovation investment, focus on improvements that are either necessary to sell your home, or those that will help get you a higher price. While every home is different, here are six home improvements that tend to get the best return. Read more »

Retirement ResourcesRule Take action


28% Of Medicare Beneficiaries Hit the Doughnut Hole In 2015
by Jessie Gibbons, Sr Policy Analyst

The Medicare Part D “doughnut hole” is the gap in coverage that occurs when beneficiaries reach their initial annual payment limit. Not all beneficiaries hit the limit each year, but in a recent survey, we learned that 28% of respondents fell into the doughnut hole in 2015. It is costing many older Americans thousands of dollars per year. Learn how the coverage gap works. Read more »


By Representative Barbara Lee (CA-13)

The ability to live with dignity and financial security in your Golden Years is fundamental to the American Dream. Yet, every day, it gets harder and harder for many seniors to stretch their fixed incomes to meet their basic needs with confidence. Read more »


How Does An Inherited IRA Affect My Taxes?

Q: I inherited an IRA from my dad worth roughly $232,000. I’m 65, and receive Social Security. Can you tell me what effect this will have on my taxes? Will it cause my Social Security benefits to be reduced? Read the answer »


Is There A Good Reason To Take Social Security Early?

Q: I turn 62 this year. My spouse is 65 and still working. I’ve thought about delaying my Social Security benefit to let it grow, but a publication from the Social Security Administration points out that people get about the same amount of money they just receive a smaller amount for a longer period of time. Are there valid reasons for not taking a reduced benefit now? Read the answer »


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