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The Advisor
, February/March 2016

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

It’s NOT Too Late For An Emergency COLA

Two months into the New Year, seniors, veterans, and other retirees still haven’t received any cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2016. For the third time in only 7 years, more than 70 million people are going without any annual benefit boost. From 1975 until 2010 Social Security recipients received COLAs every year. Congress still has time to take action, and some Members of Congress are saying that too many lawmakers have turned a blind eye to the problems facing retired Americans. Read more »

Could We Have Another Year Without A COLA? Maybe.

According to consumer price index data through November of 2015, forecasts for inflation in 2016 is likely to be under 1.5% and may even be too low for a COLA to be payable in 2017. Read more »

TSCL - In The News

Issues important to you - Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Cost-of-living Adjustments - are making the news and TSCL is helping to make sure the media gets it right. In interview after interview, our team members are setting the record straight when it comes to these critical issues making headlines. Read some of the latest news articles »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

Can We Trust Congress After Surprise Social Security Cuts?

Last October’s debt deal contained surprise Social Security changes that will cost some Baby Boomer couples tens of thousands in anticipated Social Security income. While proponents say the changes were necessary to “close filing loopholes,” TSCL feels the cuts included people who are too close to retirement. Worse, these changes were struck in a secret, closed-door “must pass” debt deal with no public debate. Read more »

Drug Pricing Abuse Comes Under New Scrutiny

The drug industry’s secretive pricing practices are coming under increasing scrutiny in Congress. According to a recent poll, the public thinks making sure that high-cost drugs for chronic conditions are affordable to those who need them is a top priority for Congress and the President. Government action to lower prescription drug costs ranks second. But so far, Congress isn’t saying how it plans to stem rising drug costs. At issue — whether Medicare should negotiate drug prices, and whether the government should take steps to limit drug makers’ profits. Read more »

Public Input - YOUR Input - Helps Sway Congress!

What's your story about rising drug costs?

Have you had an experience of an extreme increase in your prescription drug price? We would like to talk to you. The more personal examples we share, the more effective our work to influence Congressional leaders to do something about it. Contact us »

Take the new 2016 Senior Survey

Survey results give us invaluable information that we share with members of Congress, help to get media attention on the issues, and use to bring you better services. The results help us craft the TSCL legislative agenda and represent your interests on Capitol Hill. Take the survey now »

Tips for Retirement

Six Secrets Of Living To 100 From the Blue Zones Project

Over the past decade researchers have found areas across the world where men and women are beating the odds and reaching age 100 at higher rates than the rest of the world. Surprisingly, genetics plays only a small role. Lifestyle and habits play a much more important part in helping people live longer and happier than previously believed. Read more »


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TSCL’s Three Legislative Wins For Disabled And Older Americans
by Jessie Gibbons, Senior Policy Analyst

Last year was a busy and successful one for The Senior Citizens League (TSCL). Three major legislative efforts that had our support were effectively tackled by lawmakers in Congress and signed into law by President Obama.

These success stories would not have been possible without the support from tens of thousands of advocates like you who are banding together with TSCL to protect Social Security and Medicare. Read more »


Congressional Corner: In Rural Communities Some Travel 100 Miles Or More To Closest Hospital by Representative Cresent Hardy (NV-4)

Over the past few years, there has been no lack of discussion from either side of the aisle about employer and individual mandates, medical device and “Cadillac” taxes and the Affordable Care Act as a whole. However, one of the most important issues facing our health care system receives very little attention from government or the media – rural emergency care. Read more »


Medicare and Deductible Expenses

Q: I turned 65 in February 2015, and started Medicare last year. Prior to getting Medicare I received my healthcare through my employer.

Can you tell me if Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage premiums are a deductible health expense?

What other Medicare expenses are deductible? Read the answer »


Social Security Benefits

Q: My husband and I are both 65 and won’t turn 66 until later in 2016. I’m entitled to a monthly benefit of $810 at 66, and my husband a benefit of about $2,300. He originally planned to "file and then suspend' his benefit at 66 and continue working until age 70 while his benefit grew. Meanwhile at 66, I was hoping to take a spouse benefit based on his earnings of $1,150. That would also provide me with a higher survivors benefit of almost $3,100 per month by 2021 should anything happen to him. Because of the recent changes is this strategy no longer available to us? Read the answer »


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