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The Advisor
, January 2016

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Congress Rolls Back Medicare Part B Increase of 52%, But No Emergency COLA

The recent battle in Congress over lifting the debt limit contained mostly good news and some not so good news, for disabled and retired Americans. The legislation rolled back an unprecedented 52% spike in Medicare Part B premiums due to affect about 15.6 million Medicare recipients, and it prevented a 19% cut in Social Security Disability Insurance benefits due to occur later this year. But the legislation contained no Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) relief for 2016, and closed off one of the few claiming strategies that some Americans have to boost their Social Security payouts. Read more »

TSCL - In The News

Issues important to you - Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Cost-of-living Adjustments - are making the news and TSCL is helping to make sure the media gets it right. In interview after interview, our team members are setting the record straight when it comes to these critical issues making headlines. Read some of the latest news articles »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

What’s The Most Important Priority For Congress In Coming Months?

According to a recent TSCL poll, the majority of participants — 34% said a more fair and higher cost-of-living adjustment should be a top priority for Congress in the coming months. Twenty-nine percent said that passing legislation to require high income workers to pay their fair share of Social Security taxes on earnings over $118,500 should be top priority. Twenty-two percent said preventing increases in Medicare premiums and cost-sharing, and 15% said preventing Social Security disability insurance insolvency and a 20% benefit cut, were top priorities. Read more »

Double-Digit Healthcare Cost Shock Has Budgets On Life Support by Mary Johnson, TSCL Editor

How many of you under the age of 65 are counting the days until you become eligible for Medicare? Even though Medicare costs are plenty high, it’s far and away a much better deal for many adults under the age of 65 than the new Obamacare-compliant plans. Read more »

FDA Threatens Access to Affordable Alternative Healthcare Options

Government studies show that 30% of older Americans regularly use various forms of alternative medicine. Alternative healthcare choices frequently include chiropractic treatments, massage, nutritional supplements, herbs, and homeopathy. But Medicare, like most commercial insurers, covers primarily conventional medicine — and if you want to try other approaches like homeopathy, you’re on your own to pay for treatments. Read more »

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We need your input! Your feedback gives us invaluable information that we provide to the media, share with members of Congress and use to help us bring you with better services. The results help us craft the TSCL legislative agenda and represent your interests on Capitol Hill. Take the survey now »


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Older Americans Need a Raise! by Jessie Gibbons, Senior Policy Analyst

By now, you’ve probably noticed that your Social Security benefit hasn’t increased with inflation as it usually does each January. That’s because annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) are based on the way young, urban workers spend their money — instead of the spending patterns of retirees. Read more »


COLA Tabulation Is Broken by Representative John J. “Jimmy” Duncan, Jr. (TN-2)

For only the third time in history, nearly 60 million Americans are going without a Social Security cost-of-living raise this year. Why? Because the way the government tabulates inflation for seniors is broken. Read more »


Still Working Because You Can’t Afford Your Healthcare Costs?

More people are working far longer into retirement than they ever thought they would, and healthcare costs are a major reason. In fact, according to a recent TSCL poll, healthcare costs are almost, or just, as challenging as housing costs for most people age 65 and over. Now may be the time to look into Medicare Savings Programs. Read the answer »


Social Security Spousal Benefits

Q: My husband will be retiring from a large California city police department after more than 35 years of service and entitled to a pension with spousal benefits for me. He did not work long enough under Social Security for a benefit based on his own earnings. I worked for a large company and I’m entitled to Social Security. Would my husband be eligible for Social Security spousal benefits based on my work record? Read the answer »


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