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TSCL - The Voice for Seniors
The Advisor, July 2015

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

2015 Survey of Senior Costs Finds Big Drop In Inflation

An unusually steep drop in inflation has slightly improved the buying power of Social Security benefits this year — by about 9%. But despite the temporary improvement, Social Security benefits have still lost 22% of their buying power since 2000, according to the 2015 Survey of Senior Costs recently released by The Senior Citizens League (TSCL). Read more »

SSA Can't Estimate Financial Impact Of Illegal Work On Future Social Security Costs

The fate of President Obama’s controversial executive action on immigration remains tied up in court. The potential long-term financial impact of the actions on Social Security and Medicare remains unknown, and elected lawmakers have been unable to agree to immigration policy changes legislatively. Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

Patients Saying “No Thank You” To Medicare/Medicaid Managed Care

Last fall Susan Gross of Barboursville, Virginia, received notification that her disabled son Andrew, who was born with cerebral palsy and is now age 42, had been automatically enrolled in a new, Medicare/Medicaid HMO. After contacting her neighbor, TSCL’s Medicare policy analyst, Mary Johnson, Gross learned that the plan did not cover her son’s expensive brand name drug that he needed to take six times a day to control seizures. Read more »

Best Ways To Save

Make Better Retirement Decisions With These Eight Resources

Informed decisions make the difference in helping Social Security and retirement savings last as long as you do. TSCL has created a new online Retirement Resource Center to help you maximize your retirement resources. Read more »

Public Opinion Can Sway Votes In Congress!

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Medicare beneficiaries with incomes of $85,000+ pay higher Part B and Part D premiums. To offset rising costs, should Congress make people with incomes of $65,000+ pay higher premiums? Answer the poll »


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Congress Passes "Doc Fix"

After more than a decade of failed attempts to repeal and replace the sustainable growth rate (SGR) – the flawed formula that sets payment rates for doctors who treat Medicare patients – Congress has finally succeeded in passing legislation to do away with it once and for all. Read more »


Representative Rodney Davis (IL-13)

The United States consistently lags behind countries like China, South Korea, and others in education, placing us 26th in math, and 21st in science, out of 34 countries. As we work to improve our education system to compete internationally, I believe recruiting teachers is critical to the success of our children and our nation. Read more »


Help! My Mentally Disabled Brother Was Target Of A Predatory Auto Loan!

Q: My brother, age 65, is cognitively impaired. He can’t read or understand finances, but he’s married, able to work and earns a modest living. He owns a small home that was purchased for him through a family trust. Recently he signed a loan for a 2013 Nissan with almost 60,000 miles — that cost $32,000 including financing. He signed the contract even though he can’t read or understand the amount he owes or how long it would take to repay. Read the answer »


After Surgery What Can I Do About Unexpected Bills?

Q: I’m new to Medicare and recently had surgery. I’ve received several unexpected bills, including one for $1,100 from the anesthesiologist. I thought these costs would be covered. What can I do? Read the answer »


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