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The Advisor, March 2015

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Are Social Security Benefit Cuts More Likely?

The U.S. House sent a strong signal of its plans for Social Security the first day of the new Congress. A new procedural rule may make Social Security benefit cuts much more likely in the near future. At issue is the solvency of the Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI), but all Social Security recipients, including retirees and people who receive survivors’ benefits, could be affected. Read more »

F.A.Q. What Does "Executive Action" On Immigration Have To Do With Social Security and Medicare?

President Obama set off a firestorm of controversy announcing an ambitious set of “executive actions” to protect illegal immigrants from deportation. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office recently released a report confirming that many of those affected by the policy changes would be eligible for Social Security, Medicare and a wide array of federal benefits. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about executive action on immigration and how it affects Social Security and Medicare: Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

Social Security Demanding Repayment For (Very) Old Debts

If one of your parents died when you were a child, and the other was paid more in Social Security survivors than you were entitled to, should you be held responsible for the overpayment as an adult? Should the federal government be allowed an indefinite amount of time to collect? The Social Security Administration says yes it can, at least under current law. Read more »

“Can You Afford To Spend More On Healthcare?"

I recently assisted a friend who was extremely anxious about the cost of enrolling in Medicare. Part of her anxiety was caused by a bad experience with Obamacare coverage last year. Although her health plan’s month premium after subsidy was only $17, the deductible was more than she could afford to pay — $5,000. Her Social Security benefit is about $850 a month and her other income is very limited. Needing seven prescription meds, she found herself back at the local “free clinic” enrolled in numerous pharmacy assistance programs. Read more »

Public Opinion Can Sway Votes In Congress!

Take Our TSCL Monthly Poll

Changes are looming for Medicare and Social Security. Make your opinion count. Visit TSCL online and take our monthly poll. We’ll announce the results in upcoming issues of this newsletter. Answer the poll »


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Will Budget Negotiators Propose Cutting COLAs Again?

With the Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund set to become insolvent by the end of next year, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) believes the new Congress may pass legislation to create another Social Security reform commission – one that could propose significant changes to the program. Read more »


"We Have An Obligation To Keep That Promise"

Social Security has represented a bedrock promise to the American people: that a lifetime of hard work will be rewarded with peace of mind and the certainty of a stable retirement. We have an obligation to keep that promise. Read more »

  Best Ways to Save  

Better To Rent or Own in Retirement? 5 Things to Consider

What makes more sense when you’re over 65, renting or owning your home? The math is changing according to many financial advisors. A number of factors make a difference. Read more »


How Do I Know When It's Time For Assisted Living If I Live Alone?

Q: Recently a friend of mine in her late 70’s wondered, "How would I know it's time for assisted living if I live alone?" She has no close family of her own for caregiving. What do you recommend for people like this? Read the answer »


Social Security & Medicare Questions

Q: My new rheumatoid arthritis prescription is on the highest tier of my drug plan. Before insurance, it costs about $3,322 for 2 injections that I take every month. I just learned that instead of a co-pay like I have with my other prescriptions, I will have to pay 45% co-insurance — more than $1,495 per month. Is there anything I can do? Read the answer »


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