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The Advisor, January 2015

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

What's Your Social Security Benefit Missing? About $113 A Month

Beneficiaries received a 1.7% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) this month, making 2015 the sixth year of exceptionally low COLA growth. With the average monthly Social Security payment hovering around $1,090, the annual boost only increases benefits by about $20.20. "That's not enough to prevent a loss of benefit buying power," says TSCL Executive Director, Shannon Benton. Read more »

How Thousands Qualify For Social Security With No Social Security Number

Month after month, year after year, unbeknownst to most of the public, thousands of people with no Social Security number are receiving Social Security benefits. The beneficiaries don't qualify for benefits based on their own work record. Eighty-three percent of them don't even reside in this country. A few of those receiving benefits are even dead. Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

Is The Government Manipulating COLAs?

Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs) have languished at exceptionally low levels in recent years. Administration officials and economists point to the sluggish economy and recent economic recession as the reason. But government tinkering with the consumer price index (CPI) is playing an enormous role in reducing the measured rate of inflation, in turn cutting the growth in Social Security benefits. Read more »

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Take The 2015 Senior Survey

Help set the record straight on how seniors view reforms facing Social Security and Medicare and educate Members of Congress, the media, and the public about the views and challenges facing seniors by providing your input today. Take the survey »


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TSCL Gears Up For Busy New Year

After a much-anticipated mid-term election and an active "lame duck" session on Capitol Hill, the 114th Congress has officially begun and TSCL is gearing up for another busy year. With the November elections behind them, lawmakers will finally be able to focus on some of the complex policy issues that sit high on their agendas, like deficit reduction, Social Security reform, and an overhaul of the immigration system. Read more »


Defeating Alzheimer's Requires United Effort

Over five million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer's disease, and each year thousands more are diagnosed with this painful, heart-rending illness. With the number of Alzheimer's patients expected to skyrocket in the coming decades, we must continue to press forward, offering support for family members and caregivers, while developing better and more effective treatment options as we work toward a cure for this terrible disease. Read more »

  Grassroots Spotlight  

Gino Grosso Speaks Out On the COLA

"Seniors need to get organized," says Gino Grosso of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "Too many feel they can't do anything about low COLAs. People are very resigned." Recently Gino was outraged by the recent low COLA and contacted TSCL about it. Gino says housing, healthcare, and groceries are his "triad" of top expenses, spending 55% of his income on housing alone. Read more »


Can I Get Extra Help With My Prescriptions?

Q: I turn 65 in two months. I recently received my Medicare card and a letter stating that I might be eligible for Extra Help with prescriptions. My Social Security benefit is only $800 per month and I don't have much other income. I can't afford the deduction of the Medicare Part B premium. What can I do? Im currently enrolled in an "Obamacare" plan and pay only $17 a month after the subsidy. Read the answer »


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