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The Advisor, July 2014

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

U.S. Treasury Seizes Tax Refunds For Old Social Security Debts

The Social Security Administration recently called a halt to a controversial effort to collect debts that were more than 10 years old. For the past three years the government has confiscated tax refunds of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers, claiming an overpayment of Social Security benefits, even though it had little or no proof, and few exact details, according to media reports. Read more »

Healthcare Costs Taking More Than One-Third of Social Security Benefits for Many Seniors

New findings come as a reminder that Medicare only covers a portion of seniors' medical costs. Government economists have forecast for years that the growth in healthcare costs will take an ever-increasing share of seniors' Social Security benefits over the course of their retirements. Read more »

"Administrative Amnesty" Gives Work Authorized SSNs to Known Illegals

An immigration program launched by the Obama Administration two years ago has issued valid Social Security numbers to about 600,000 applicants who attest to be in the country illegally. Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

How Much Do You Know About Long-Term Care Costs?

Not only are there wide-spread misconceptions about the costs of long-term care services, but few seniors are setting aside funds to address those needs, according to a national survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Fifty-eight percent of adults surveyed underestimate nursing home costs and overestimate what Medicare will cover. Read more »

Test your Knowledge

Take the Retirement Quiz

TSCL's retirement quiz tests how much you know about the fastest rising senior expenses. Take the quiz now  »


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Are Higher Costs Coming For Medicare Advantage Enrollees?

Back in February, officials from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimated that Medicare’s private alternative that covers almost 30 percent of seniors – Medicare Advantage – would receive a 1.9 percent cut in payment rates next year. Private insurers and lawmakers alike were outraged by the estimate, saying the cut would result in benefit disruptions for millions of elderly enrollees. Read more »


Two Bills that Would Increase Benefits While Protecting Social Security's Solvency

Social Security is a benefit that Americans have earned with each paycheck. To keep the program solvent for generations to come - for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren - Sen. Mark Begich has introduced two critical bills, the Protecting and Preserving Social Security Act and the Social Security Fairness Act. Read more »


Expenses That Can Blow Your Retirement Budget

Retirements can last 30 years, but will your savings? To make your retirement finances last as long as you do takes good planning and anticipation of expenses. Here are four of the fastest-growing categories of costs and tools to help with your budget planning. Read more »


What Do You Estimate Next Year's COLA Will Be?

Q: The COLA we received this year is a sham. My meager increase was completely taken by rising Medicare premiums and heating bills over the winter. Now other costs, particularly food items, are really climbing. Is the prospect for a higher COLA any better for 2015? Read the answer »


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