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TSCL - The Voice for Seniors
The Advisor, May 2014

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

How Adequate Are Social Security Benefits?

If you're like most seniors, you probably depend on Social Security for at least half of your income. But how well does the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) protect you from rising costs? TSCL will soon release some answers to this question with the results of its 7th Annual Survey of Senior Costs. In recent years these surveys have indicated that Social Security beneficiaries lose a considerable portion of their buying power – as much as 31 percent – in as little as the first decade of retirement. Read more »

Administration Announces Plan To Remove Illegals From Medicare Rolls

The Obama administration recently proposed new regulations to deny Medicare to illegal immigrants and remove them from Medicare rolls. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are proposing U.S. citizenship or lawful presence in the United States as a new requirement for getting Medicare. Read more »

No Lie! Affordable Care Act Not So Affordable

The Obama Administration and proponents of Obamacare have continued to downplay the cancellations of the health insurance of 4.7 million individual policy-holders who received notices that our polices would be ending in 2014 because they didn't comply with the new healthcare law. Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

Military Retiree COLA Cut Attempt Shot Down – Prelude To Next Battle?

In the face of bipartisan outrage, Congress swiftly repealed a recently – enacted cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) cut before it could go into effect. The COLA cut that was just passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in January affected military retirees younger than age 62, and would have cost the average military retiree an estimated $69,000 in lifetime retirement benefits. Read more »

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Thousands of illegal immigrants are receiving Medicare benefits. Medicare has proposed that health and drug plans revoke coverage. Do you think that goes far enough? Answer the poll »


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Is June The "Sweet Spot" For Immigration Reform?

Last June, lawmakers in the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform package that totaled 1,200 pages and laid out a path to citizenship for more than eleven million illegal immigrants currently residing in the country. Some are saying that this summer could provide the perfect opportunity for lawmakers to give reform another look. Read more »


Seniors Shouldn't Have to Wait Endlessly on Medical Equipment

Summers in Florida are hot. As the owner of a third generation small family business, I know because our business is Webster Air Conditioning. If your AC needed repair in the middle of a Florida August and our company said we’d be out to fix it sometime around Christmas, you’d hang up the phone and move on to the next company in the phone book – probably while shaking your head! Read more »


Home Equity Lending Making A Comeback, But Is It Right For You?

Home values are starting to rise again, and so is home equity lending. While more lenders are making loans, is tapping the equity in your home the smart way for you to augment retirement income? Given that equity in a home is the largest single retirement asset for many seniors, you need to protect it the best you can. Read more »


Can I receive Social Security benefits and get unemployment benefits?

Q: I'm 63, married, and recently earned about $24,000 a year until I got laid off in March. My wife is younger but only receives a small income from providing part-time day care services. We don't have any savings. I'm not receiving any Social Security now. Can I receive Social Security benefits and get unemployment benefits? Read the answer »


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