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The Advisor, September 2013

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

COLAs Go Flat, Seniors May Get 1.7% COLA In 2014

Don't expect much growth in Social Security benefits next year. According to consumer price index data, Social Security and other adjusted benefit payments will probably stay pretty flat. With the Social Security Administration getting ready to announce the 2014 cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) on October 16th, the COLA looks like it will be in the vicinity of 1.7%. That would raise average monthly benefits of $1,157 by just $19.70. Read more »

Doctors Fraudulently Prescribe Addictive Drugs, Bill Medicare

Too many doctors are prescribing large quantities of narcotics and addictive drugs that may be finding their way onto the streets, or putting patients at risk of addiction. The doctors, in turn, are accepting kickbacks and other "incentives" while billing Medicare for the cost. Read more »

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Starting this fall, we will feature a TSCL member in our Member Spotlight. It's a chance to share stories about your support of TSCL and why protecting benefits is important to you. Share your story »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

Willingness To Preserve Trusted Senior Programs Link People Together

No one has a crystal ball to look into the future, but we are aware, both from day-to-day news as well as your response to surveys and individual contacts, that there is a lot of concern about the deficit reduction ideas being floated in Washington. Whether it is a potential change to Social Security, Medicare or any other issue that can affect seniors directly or indirectly, we share those concerns. Read more »

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88% Of TSCL Members Oppose Payment Of Social Security Based On Illegal Work

In a recent poll, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) found that a staggering proportion of members and supporters – 88 percent – strongly favor prohibiting the payment of Social Security benefits based on unauthorized work. This summer, while Congress was debating comprehensive immigration reform, TSCL worked tirelessly to have this concern addressed. Read more »


Strengthening Social Security

There's a lot of talk in D.C. about using Social Security to help pay down the federal deficit. Despite the hype, Social Security is not, and never was, the cause of our deficit. Those spreading these false claims are the same people who have for years been working with Wall Street to privatize the program. Read more »


Does the Start of Obamacare Affect Me?

Seniors who are 65 and older, and enrolled in Medicare, are not affected by the new health insurance coverage requirements that become effective January 1, 2014. But big changes are coming to health insurance coverage for about 62 million seniors age 50 through 64 who are not yet enrolled in Medicare. Read more »


How Safe Are Electronic Social Security Benefits From Fraud?

Q: Recently I got a notice that my bank account was overdrawn. When I checked with the bank, my Social Security direct deposit was never received. I called the local Social Security office and learned that a request in my name was made to switch from my direct deposit account to a prepaid debit card. I never authorized this. How safe are the direct deposits and what can I do to get my money back? Read the answer »


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