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The Advisor, July 2013

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

The Looming 20% Social Security Cut That Nobody's Talking About

Imagine checking your bank balance and discovering your Social Security payment is 20% less than it should be. You contact the Social Security Administration only to be told that the Trust Fund is "insolvent," and by law, benefits automatically adjust to the level of payroll taxes coming in. There’s only enough money to pay you 80% of your scheduled benefits. Read more »

Provision To Prevent Social Security Payments Based On Illegal Work In Senate Immigration Bill

With President Obama pushing for an immigration bill "by the end of the summer," Congress is rapidly moving major immigration reform legislation. Under the bill passed in the Senate, an estimated 8-11 million unauthorized immigrants would receive work authorization, giving them access to Social Security numbers and with it – entitlement to Social Security and Medicare benefits with ten years of earnings. Read more »

Chained COLA Calculator

How Much Are You Going To Lose?

The proposed changes to the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for your Social Security, military, or other federal benefits will have a long-lasting impact on the amount you receive as you age. Calculate your loss »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

Cuts to Meals On Wheels Having "Devastating Impact"

Across the country Meals on Wheels programs are reducing the number of meals delivered to low-income seniors or shutting down altogether according to a new survey. Without Congressional action, the programs will be cut by about $38.7 million in federal funding this year due to the automatic budget cuts known as "sequester." Read more »

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Are you affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision and/or the Government Pension Offset? Answer the poll »


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Progress Report: Getting Congress On Board For Key Senior Issues

Dozens of key bills have been re-introduced, hundreds of thousands of petitions have been hand-delivered to Congress, TSCL's legislative team and Board of Trustees have met with numerous Members of Congress, and in May, we hosted a successful "Welcome Reception" for new and veteran lawmakers and their top aides. Read more »


An Open Letter to TSCL Petition Signers From Representative

Thank you for signing a petition organized by TSCL on various issues dealing with Social Security that are important to our nation's elderly. As a Representative of one of the largest number of Social Security recipients in the Congress, please know that I will always work to ensure that those who rely on this program have access to the benefits they have been promised. Read more »


Under 65? How The New Healthcare Law Affects You

At 63, my learning-disabled brother still puts in a 40-hour work week as a welder with no plans to retire yet, but for most of his life he's had no health insurance. He and his wife are fortunate to receive blood pressure and asthma meds through a pharmacy assistance program, and qualify for services at a local health clinic. Read more »


Do I Have To Pay The Full Cost Of Supplies? I Thought Medicare Covered The Cost

Q: I'm diabetic and get my blood testing supplies via mail order. When I called to order my next shipment I was told I would have to pay the full cost of supplies and my credit card was charged. I thought Medicare covered the cost. Read the answer »


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