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The Advisor, June 2013

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

"Path to Citizenship" For Illegal Immigrants and Your Social Security

Major immigration legislation that provides a path to citizenship and, with it, access to Social Security is moving in both the Senate and the House. In addition, a Social Security Totalization Agreement with Mexico is still waiting in the wings. At this writing it is not known whether Congress will take any action barring the payment of Social Security benefits based on earnings from jobs worked while illegal. Read more »

Monthly Benefits Rose Less Than $39, Expenses Rose More Than $119

Ninety-seven percent of seniors say that their monthly Social Security benefits rose by less than $39 in 2013, but only 11% say their monthly expenses rose by less than that. According to TSCL's newly released 2013 Senior Survey, 89% of those surveyed report that their monthly expenses rose by more than $39 and a majority, 40%, say that their monthly expenses rose by more than $119 in 2012. Read more »

Chained COLA Calculator

How Much Are You Going To Lose?

The proposed changes to the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for your Social Security, military, or other federal benefits will have a long-lasting impact on the amount you receive as you age. Calculate your loss »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

What Caused The Social Security Notch?

The Social Security Notch is the unexpectedly steep drop in benefits that affects people born from 1917 through 1926. This generation of seniors receives lower benefits than other seniors who had nearly identical work and earnings histories. Read more »

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Social Security's Solvency Can Be Improved Without Cutting Benefits

Since its inception in 1937, Social Security has been financed by a dedicated payroll tax on all earnings that fall below the taxable maximum, or the "tax max." Today, the cap sits at $113,700 and workers earning more than that pay no Social Security taxes on the rest of their income. Read more »


The Promise Behind Medicare

Social Security has been the bedrock of retirement security for America's seniors since the program was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935. With the creation of Medicare in 1965, America's safety net was strengthened and a new promise was made to every senior — that caring for their health would not cause them to bankrupt themselves or their family. Read more »


How Credit Cards Are Sold Online

Your credit card may have been stolen and sold and you don't even know it — at least, not yet. Chances are you won’t learn about it until you spot suspicious charges on a statement, or get notification from your lender of potentially fraudulent activity on your account. Read more »


How Would Higher Medicare Costs Affect My Retirement Budget?

Q: I retired seven years ago at age 65 when I started Social Security and Medicare. I have difficulty budgeting my healthcare costs. I never seem to learn what they will be until I start getting the bills. Can you help? Read the answer »


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