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The Advisor, May 2013

*New* Chained COLA Calculator

How Much Are You Going To Lose?

The proposed changes to the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for your Social Security, military, or other federal benefits will have a long-lasting impact on the amount you receive as you age. Calculate your loss »

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Are Deeper Cuts Coming? — How Much Would You Lose?

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation have boosted previous estimates and now say that switching to the chained consumer price index (C-CPI) will cut Social Security and other federal retirement benefits by $198 billion and increase taxes by $142 billion over the next 10 years. Read more »

Medicare Fraud Program Cut — Congress Considers Higher Medicare Costs For Seniors

Medicare thieves are robbing the program by as much as $60 billion a year. But that hasn't stopped recent automatic Medicare cuts from slashing the very program established to protect scarce Medicare funds from fraud and abuse. Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Benefit Bulletin

"Free" Medicare Preventive Services May Not Be

Medicare materials give the impression that "You pay nothing for most preventive services," but that's not always the case. To qualify, you must meet certain guidelines. There are four important questions you should ask. Read more »

Tell us what you think

Take Our Website Poll

"Automatic" Medicare budget cuts slash $63 million from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program. What is your opinion on these budget cuts? Answer the poll »


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Immigration Changes By Executive Order Can Affect Your Benefits

Recently, President Obama issued two executive orders easing the way for immigrants to earn Social Security benefits based in part on work done illegally. The two orders marked the largest immigration policy shift in more than a decade – a shift that was implemented unilaterally, bypassing elected lawmakers in Congress. Read more »


Major Immigration Reform Legislation Moving in Congress

A new TSCL research report based on data from the Social Security Administration (SSA) indicates that Social Security could be on the hook for hundreds of billions in future claims for benefits based on earnings from jobs worked while illegal. Read more »


Insurance For Old Age: Are Annuities A Good Idea?

Having income to supplement Social Security benefits that lasts your entire life, no matter how long you live, is a challenge for many seniors. If you don't get a sizable pension from an employer, but you have some savings built up in retirement accounts, "longevity insurance policies," better known as annuities, might be worth considering. Read more »


Am I Obligated To Pay For Meds I Didn't Order?

Q: Even though the prescription had expired, the mail order pharmacy called my doctor, got a refill authorization, and shipped just prior to my final day of enrollment in the former plan — all without any authorization from me! Am I obligated to pay for medications that I did not order? Read the answer »


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