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The Advisor, August 2012

Protecting Social Security

Economy Headed For "Fiscal Cliff"

The failure of the politically divided Congress and Obama White House to address a sizable list of thorny spending and tax issues by year's end could pose hardships for seniors and a setback for the economy. A closer look at some of the issues that will affect seniors if Congress and the White House don't act by the end of 2012. Read more »

2012 TSCL Senior Survey: How Should Congress Strengthen Social Security and Medicare?

Congress has spent much of its time over the past two years locked in a rigidly - partisan standoff over the federal budget deficit. How would seniors go about improving Social Security's financing in the future? Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Government Waste At Its Worst: Medicare Doesn't Recover The Majority Of Overpayment Payment Amounts

Federal prosecutors recently announced the biggest-ever one-day takedown of a phony Medicare billing scheme. One hundred seven people were charged, including doctors and nurses in seven U.S. cities, with taking part in a scheme to steal $452 million from Medicare. Read more »

Benefit Bulletin

TSCL Chairman Larry Hyland Congratulates Representative Mike McIntyre (NC-7)

Congressman Mike McIntyre Receives TSCL 2012 Seniors Advocate Award One of North Carolina's staunchest advocates for seniors was recently recognized for his efforts on behalf of the nation's senior citizens.
Read more »

Social Security and Medicare Questions

Q: I'm 65 and enrolled in Medicare. I need to undergo a routine surgery. There are several hospitals in my area and my doctor asked me which one I wanted to use. Since I'm new to this area, I wasn't sure. Any suggestions? Read the answer »

Public Opinion Can Sway Votes In Congress!
TSCL Poll Question: Should Medicare Be Changed?

Should Medicare change from a program that guarantees coverage for a fixed set of benefits, to one that guarantees a fixed federal payment to cover a portion of beneficiaries' healthcare expenses?

This is what you and other seniors said:
Yes: 13%  No: 70%  Uncertain: 17%

Take the current TSCL Poll: Should Congress extend the 2% payroll tax cut another year?  Tell us »


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Three Ways Congress Can Pay For Notch Reform

Each month, due to the Social Security Act Amendments that were signed into law in 1977, more than 3.7 million Notch babies receive Social Security checks that are lower than the benefits they originally anticipated. Read more »


Five Ways to Get Affordable Dental Care

If you're new to Medicare and you need dental work, don't count on Medicare to cover the bill. Here are five ways to lower your dental costs. Read more »


We Have To Do A Better Job On The COLA By U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (OH)

While many of you received your first cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security in more than two years, I understand the increase is less than it should be — and how it doesn’t keep up with rising costs of prescription drugs, food, and energy. Read more »


Is The IRS Paying Illegals Billions In Child Tax Credits?

I recently received an email with a link to a “Tax Loophole for Illegals” video claiming that the IRS had paid over $4 billion in Child Tax refunds to illegal immigrants. Is this an Internet rumor? How can our government give away billions to illegals, when they don’t pay any taxes? Read the answer »


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