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The Advisor, July 2012

Protecting Social Security

Social Security Trustees: Legislative Action Needed "ASAP"

The Social Security and Medicare trustees recently released their annual reports amidst controversy over the numbers. The Social Security trustees say that program financing is eroding faster than anticipated, and the disability trust fund, which operates separately from the retirement trust fund, will be fully exhausted by 2016 — two years earlier than predicted one year ago. "Legislative action is needed as soon as possible," the trustees say. Read more »

Seniors Lose 34% Buying Power Since 2000

Social Security benefits have lost 34 percent of their buying power since 2000 according to the latest data in an annual study by The Senior Citizens League. During that period annual Cost of Living Adjustments increased benefits 36 percent, but expenses typical of seniors climbed 82 percent, more than twice as fast. Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Why Your Healthcare Costs Are So High: Eight Questions You Should Always Ask Your Doctor

Nine prominent physician groups recently released lists of 45 common tests and treatments they say are often unnecessary. The problem is costing you dearly — as much as one third of every healthcare dollar, researchers say. Read more »

Benefit Bulletin

Ten Questions For Your Next Town Hall

Members of Congress and candidates frequently schedule town halls. Voters get an opportunity to ask questions and to learn the candidates’ positions on key issues. Be prepared by having questions in hand when you attend.
Read more »

Social Security and Medicare Questions

Q: Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said he will not enroll in Medicare on his 65th birthday. How does that work? I’ll turn 65 in September and have excellent health coverage that I would prefer to keep. Read the answer »


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Seniors Speak Out: TSCL Delivers Petition Tsunami To Congress

Our members signed an unprecedented 1,504,372 petitions, and in April, we boxed them up, trekked to Capitol Hill, and delivered them by hand to the offices of each Representative and Senator in the U.S. Congress. Read more »


How Would Switching To the "Chained" CPI Affect Social Security Benefits?

Pending budget decisions over dwindling government funds will likely once again trigger a high-stakes battle over how to reduce the nation's debt. Read the answer »


Protect Medicare For Today And Save It For The Future By Representative Alan Nunnelee (MS-1)

Protecting Medicare for current beneficiaries and saving it for future generations is one of my most important responsibilities as a Member of Congress. Read more »


What is the status of the Social Security Totalization Agreement With Mexico?

Could you tell me the status of the Social Security agreement with Mexico? There hasn't seemed to be much news about it recently. If we get a new president does that mean the agreement would be dead? Read the answer »


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