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The Advisor, June 2012

Protecting Social Security

Cost of Social Security Benefits Based on Illegal Work?

While employment plunged at the height of the recession in 2009, new data from the Social Security Administration suggests that millions of illegal immigrant workers hung onto their jobs. Employers sent in 7.7 million wage reports of workers whose names and Social Security numbers don't match those on the SSA's files for 2009.
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Thieves Stealing Social Security Disability Benefits While Insolvency Looms

A few unscrupulous crooks are robbing an estimated $1.8 billion a year from the Social Security program that pays benefits to the disabled. According to the most recent data from Social Security, the program provided about $9.8 billion in benefit payments to more than 10.5 million people across the country in 2011.
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The Benefits You Deserve

Advisory Commission Draft Calls for A Medicare Benefit Redesign

Should seniors with Medigap supplements that provide "first dollar coverage" be required to pay more up-front? Should Medicare continue to pay for services based on medical necessity, or should the government change to a system "based on evidence of the value of services?"
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Benefit Bulletin

"Tough Choices" — Payroll Tax Cut For Illegals Or Notch Reform?

The decision to extend the temporary 2% payroll tax cut through December 31st of this year was tough because the Social Security Trust Fund is in deficit and paying out more in benefits than cash revenues coming in. The tax cut makes that deficit worse and the federal government must make up the difference by borrowing the money that's needed to pay the benefits.
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Social Security and Medicare Questions

Q: Recently I visited a specialist to determine the cause of a chronic cough. As I was checking out, I learned that the doctor wanted me to undergo a series of high-tech tests that I followed through with. Medicare denied coverage for one of the most expensive tests. Now I have a bill for almost $1,045 that I can't pay. What should I do? I have a Medigap plan.
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Radical Medicare Overhaul Proposal In Senate

Proposals to reform Medicare have been floating around the halls of Congress since 2010, but none have been as radical or risky as one recently released by four prominent Senators. In an attempt to curb Medicare spending, the group came up with a plan that would phase out Medicare completely. 
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Four Secrets To Maximizing Your Social Security Benefit

The majority of seniors depend on Social Security for at least half of their income. Here are four things you need to know to boost your Social Security benefits.
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The Payroll Tax Cut is a Bad Deal for Homeowners By Representative Allen B. West (FL-22)

To offset the cost of the Payroll Tax Cut Extension during the next ten months, extra fees will be added on all new FHA-backed mortgages for the life of the loan.
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What Is Tracked In Determining The COLA?

In determining the COLA what items does the government track for price changes? Why does the COLA grow so much more slowly than my costs?
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