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The Advisor, April 2012

Protecting Social Security

Government Forecast — Three More Years Of Historically Low COLAs

Although consumers may not see it yet, government economists predict that inflation will be far lower than normal over the next three years.
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How "Undocumented" Workers Are Becoming Entitled To Social Security

The Social Security Protection Act passed in 2004 prohibits the payment of Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants. Nevertheless non-citizens can, and do, become entitled to Social Security.
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The Benefits You Deserve

Strange Medicare Cases

The Department of Health and Human Services recently estimated that improper Medicare payments in fiscal year 2011 cost $43 billion. One recent case involved a couple who operated four fraudulent medical supply companies.
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Benefit Bulletin

Millions of Seniors Are Losing Benefits

A new report has found that millions of senior Americans are missing out on over $20 billion in benefits that help pay for healthcare, prescriptions, food, and utilities. TSCL is concerned that many Notch Babies may be missing out on these benefits that help those with limited income and resources, because they may not realize they are eligible. Read more »

Social Security and Medicare Questions

Q: My father recently passed away. When I notified the bank as his legal power-of-attorney I was told that his Social Security check for the month in which he died, and any others received thereafter, must be returned. Is this correct? Read the answer »


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Medicare's Doctor Payment Formula Breeds Uncertainty

Leaders on both sides of the aisle concur that the current Medicare payment formula, known as the sustainable growth rate (SGR), is fundamentally flawed. Fourteen times in the last ten years, lawmakers have voted to override mandated pay cuts to doctors who accept Medicare patients. 
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Watch Those Hospital "Observation Stays"

Big bills for uncovered charges are surprising some seniors after some hospital stays that aren't considered inpatient services by Medicare. The problem occurs when the hospital classifies your stay as "observation" which is billed as outpatient care under Part B, rather than inpatient care which is billed under Part A.
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Promises Made to Seniors Must be Kept By Representative Bill Posey (FL-15)

Most seniors have spent their entire lives paying into a system that guarantees Social Security and Medicare benefits at retirement age, and the federal government must honor that commitment.
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Did Members of Congress receive a COLA this year?

If so did they get more than the 3.6% that seniors received? Is it true they don't pay into Social Security?
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