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The Advisor, March 2012

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TSCL is set to deliver your signed petitions in April

We still need to hear from some of you so that your voice can be added to many others when we deliver your petitions to Congress in April. Take a moment to review the petitions. Sign a Petition »

Protecting Social Security

Will Your Benefits Last As Long As You Do?

Social Security and Medicare remain the targets of plans to reduce federal spending. How much are Social Security benefits worth over a lifetime and what can you count on?
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Social Security Giving Out SSNs To ID Thieves

Why risk stealing a Social Security Number (SSN) when you can get a document confirming you have the real thing directly from the Social Security Administration (SSA)? Some conniving identity thieves appear to be going directly to the source for the SSN's.
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The Benefits You Deserve

The High Cost Of Delaying Medicare Enrollment
by Mary Johnson

Do you turn 65 this year? Are you or your spouse still working and receiving health insurance benefits from a current employer? Are you age 65 or older now, but haven't signed up for Medicare Parts A, B and/or Part D yet? If you said yes to any one of these questions, keep reading! Read more »

Benefit Bulletin

White House Says Notch Babies Are Receiving a "Fair Share"

Recently TSCL received a note from a Florida Notch baby who shared an interesting letter from the Obama White House. Henry M. wrote to the President about the Notch issue. Read the reply »

Social Security and Medicare Questions

Could you tell me whether I might be eligible for Social Security survivors' benefits?

Q: I was separated from a spouse who passed away. I'm a 69-year old woman and my husband passed away in 2011. I inquired at Social Security about getting benefits, but I want to try again. We were not divorced at the time of his death. Read the answer »

Senior Health

New Clues as to Why Some Older People May Be Losing Their Memory

New research links "silent strokes," or small spots of dead brain cells, found in about one out of four older adults, to memory loss in the elderly. Read more »


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Administration Making Efforts To Rein In Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud, abuse, and wasteful spending are problems that continue to affect all Americans. Attorney General Eric Holder estimates that fraudulent Medicare activities cost taxpayers an estimated $60 billion a year. Read more »


When Should You Enroll In Medicare?

Failure to enroll in Medicare on time can cost you thousands in extra Medicare premium penalties. Medicare's exhausting perplexity raises the chance of costly deadline errors for seniors.  When should you enroll? Read more »


The Payroll Tax Cut's Not the Problem – Privatization Is by Representative Mike Doyle (PA-14)

As Congress returns to work, it begins another debate over the Social Security payroll tax – and with it, a debate over funding for Social Security. Many Americans are asking how an extension of the payroll tax cut would affect the finances of the Social Security Trust Fund. Read more »


How Would The Social Security Payroll Tax Cut Affect Benefits?

I'm close to retirement and pay the maximum taxes on my wages. How would the Social Security payroll tax cut affect my retirement benefits? Read the answer »


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