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The Advisor, February 2012

It's time to tell Congress what you want!

TSCL is set to deliver your signed petitions in April

We still need to hear from many of you so that your voice can be added to many others when we deliver your petitions to Congress in April. Take a moment and review the petitions and the issues. Sign a Petition »

Protecting Social Security

No Deficit Reduction Plan? What Happens Now?
TSCL Senior Petitions Help Fend Off COLA Cuts

The failure of the “Super Committee” to release a deficit reduction plan for a vote has Congress facing what some describe as “a ‘time bomb’ of its own making.” The failure set off a spending trigger that would automatically cut $1.2 trillion from government programs unless Congress reverses it before January 2013. What happens next? Read more »

"Backdoor" Immigration Amnesty Gets Underway -
TSCL Believes New Policy Would Add To Growing Social Security Woes

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently began a review of all pending immigration deportation cases with the goal of dismissing those of illegal immigrants with no criminal records. Learn how this could significantly impact Social Security»


The Benefits You Deserve

Medicare Remains Focus of Attention to Cut Federal Spending by Mary Johnson

Analysts say that deeper Medicare cuts may be back on the table by the end of the year. One of the most controversial proposals would convert Medicare into a system called "premium support." Under the proposal, the government would allocate a fixed amount of money for Medicare beneficiaries' premiums; and people would then purchase coverage from private health plans that would provide all their care. Read more »

Benefit Bulletin

New Poverty Measure Indicates More Older Americans Living In Poverty

The Census Bureau recently released a new poverty measure that is fueling controversy over how the federal government calculates federal poverty guidelines. Read more »

Social Security and Medicare Questions
Why Is My Mother's Co-Pay So High This Year?

Q: My mother moved to live closer to me a few months ago. Recently, she needed to visit a doctor and was charged $116. She can't remember ever paying so much before. Her old check registers show co-pays of about $20. Are these new changes to Medicare? Read the answer »


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TSCL's 2012 Legislative Agenda in Review by Jarrad Hensley, TSCL Legislative Assistant

The first half of the 112th Congress saw intense political standoffs reminiscent of the 1939 film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Bitter partisan divide over budget issues nearly saw a government work stoppage in April, the government's first non-payment of Social Security benefits in August, and gridlock over the debt crisis in November. Read more »


Seven Tips For Avoiding New Bank Fees

Almost all Social Security recipients receive their monthly benefit payments by direct deposit to a bank account. Many retirees also have savings, CDs, IRAs and other types of accounts. But bank customers are getting hit with a barrage of new bank charges and higher fees for everything from replacing lost debit cards, to wire payments, and receiving paper statements. Read more »


We Must Protect Health Care Access for Seniors by Representative André Carson, (IN-7)

As the Representative for Indiana's Seventh Congressional District, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with many seniors during my Medicare forums. Read more »


Will My Social Security Benefits Be Taxable?

I'm single and I live alone. When I retire this year I will receive payments from a 401(k) and a traditional IRA of approximately $20,000. My annual Social Security benefit will be around $16,000. Will my Social Security benefit be subject to income tax even though I will not be working? Read the answer »


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