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The Advisor, January 2012

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Protecting Social Security

27% of Seniors Spend Up to Half of Their Social Security On Healthcare: TSCL Releases 2011 Healthcare Cost Survey

The lack of growth in Social Security benefits and rapid rise in healthcare costs is causing a financial dilemma for Medicare beneficiaries that may be jeopardizing the health of many who are foregoing needed medical care. Read more »

House Subcommittee Holds Hearing On Impact of "Back-Door" Amnesty

The Obama Administration is coming under growing criticism for what is being called an "administrative amnesty." Critics, including TSCL, say that the Department of Homeland Security is using a policy of non-enforcement to achieve amnesty for the illegal alien population without legislative action from Congress. Read more »

Notch Bulletin

Medicaid Funding Cuts May Affect Notch Babies

Enactment of Notch Reform remains a TSCL priority in 2012. Recently, TSCL legislative staff made personal visits to nearly every Member of the U.S. House, delivering petitions calling for the immediate enactment of The Notch Fairness Act H.R. 1001 and S. 118. Read more »


The Benefits You Deserve

Six Ways to Avoid Being Overcharged For Your Prescriptions

Review a checklist to start the New Year by avoiding overcharges and saving money the first time you fill prescriptions in 2012. Read more »

Social Security and Medicare Questions

Q: I've been filling my mother's prescriptions at the same pharmacy without a problem and charged the same co-payment every month.  In November when I picked up her prescription, I was charged the full price of the drug.  She was not near the doughnut hole.  I was told her drug card "was not in the system." I went ahead and paid the full price because my mother needed the prescription, but what can I do now? Read the answer »


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TSCL Delivers Listing of 692,164 Petition Signers to Capitol Hill

Perhaps the most difficult task on Capitol Hill today is getting the attention of Members of Congress. The Senior Citizens League and our nearly 1.1 million supporters are up to the task.Read more »


How the Unresolved Deficit Affects Seniors

The next twelve months is one of the most critical periods for the nation's seniors and disabled who receive Social Security and Medicare.Read more »


Doc's Examining Room No Place For The Federal Government, By Representative Larry Bucshon

Prior to being elected to Congress in 2010, I spent the past 15 years as a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon.Read more »


Is Social Security A Ponzi Scheme?

Just how much in Social Security benefits can I expect? I just turned 62, but I’m still working and haven’t started benefits yet.Read the answer »


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