Jay Inslee is a fifth-generation Washingtonian whose connection to our state and its people has inspired his enthusiasm, vision and determination to help move Washington forward.

Throughout his life Jay has had many jobs, and he has developed a profound respect for all work and all types of workers. Jay has driven cement trucks, operated jackhammers, and washed dishes. He has prosecuted cases in Everett, driven bulldozers in Bellevue, taught community college classes in Yakima, represented Hanford workers in the Tri Cities, painted houses in Burien, and practiced law in Tacoma.

Jay was taught the value of hard work and an appreciation of Washington's natural beauty by his mother, Adele, and his father, Frank. Jay's dad was a biology teacher at Garfield High School and Jay's mom, a homemaker and artist, worked at Sears and Roebuck — which is now Starbucks' headquarters.

Jay met his wife, Trudi, while at Ingraham High School. They went on to join in marriage as a Husky and a Cougar, and have been married for 39 years. Together they raised three boys in the sage brush and orchards of the Yakima Valley, where Jay practiced law and served as a small town prosecutor. Jay and Trudi are now the proud grandparents of their two-year-old grandson, Brody.

Jay and Trudi first got involved in politics when their local school district in Selah was considering double-shifting its kids to make room for new students. Knowing this was not a viable long-term solution, Jay and Trudi worked with the community to successfully help get a new school built. Jay ultimately went on to serve as a State Representative from Yakima, and has had the unique privilege of representing both Eastern and Western Washington in the United States Congress.

In Congress, Jay has worked passionately to open up trade opportunities for Washington apples, and helped pass the Yakima River Basin Enhancement Act to secure more water for farmers and fish. In addition, he's become a national leader on creating new jobs in the clean energy economy, a topic on which he wrote a book called, "Apollo's Fire."

Jay has also earned a reputation for often bucking both conventional wisdom and his own party. For example, he argued against bailing out the people responsible for creating the economic crisis, and he ultimately voted against the Wall Street bailout bill in October of 2008. Additionally, from the beginning, Jay has proudly stood up against the war in Iraq.

As Governor, Jay's priority will be to create jobs in Washington and to expand economic opportunities in manufacturing, clean energy, high tech, biotech, agriculture and aerospace.

Jay plans to help build a thriving, innovative economy that will form a lasting prosperity in communities around the state, from Sunnyside to Sequim, from Pullman to Port Angeles. He will help create an educational foundation and an infrastructure system that will each serve as an engine of job creation, while also protecting the quality of life that makes Washington one of the most wonderful places on earth.

As Governor, Jay Inslee will help build a working Washington.

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