Make Our Voter Rolls More Accurate And Secure!

Take Action Now!

As a 20th district resident, in the next few days you can play a key role in saving a law that would increase voter participation and make the voter rolls more accurate.

Automatic Voter Registration (Senate Bill 250) creates a safe, seamless, more convenient and more accurate process of registering qualified voters when they interact with state agencies. In other words, AVR will improve the security and integrity of our electoral process, all while saving money for state and local governments by streamlining our registration process.

The Better Government Association supports SB250 and is member of the Just Democracy coalition, a coalition made up of 18 civic, coalition, religious, civil rights, and community organizations. An additional 50 organizations have endorsed this effort.

AVR was adopted by the legislature last Spring with broad bipartisan support and your representative, Representative McAuliffe, voted for it. However the Governor vetoed the bill.
In the coming week during the legislature’s veto session, lawmakers have the opportunity to override Governor Rauner’s veto of SB250.

Governor Rauner has been clear that he agrees with a need to adopt appropriate reforms to modernize our election system. The sponsors of SB250 reflected this desire by drafting the measure in an open fashion with a wide range of input and it passed with bipartisan support. Advocates and election officials are confident that the Governor's concerns are answered in the wording of the bill that was passed. 

Illinois has an opportunity to be a national leader. Contact your Representative and ask that they take action to institute automatic voter registration.

Judy Stevens
Policy Manager
Better Government Association