End HIV Criminalization: Sign the Positive Justice Project Consensus Statement!

The Positive Justice Project (PJP) Consensus Statement on the Criminalization of HIV in the United States calls on federal and state officials to modernize criminal laws and policies and to eliminate HIV-specific statutes. It is the first national consensus statement against HIV criminalization in the United States, endorsed by a diverse group of activists and professionals from a broad range of backgrounds.

The PJP Consensus Statement highlights injustices caused by HIV criminalization and includes clear rationales, both scientific and legal, for why change is overdue.

The PJP Consensus Statement calls for government action to make sure that any prosecution based on exposure to a sexually transmitted disease, including but not limited to HIV, requires:

1. Proof that the defendant (the person charged) intended to do harm;
2. Conduct that is likely to result in that harm;
3. Proof that the conduct of the accused in fact resulted in that harm; and
4. Punishment that is proportionate to the actual harm the defendant caused.

Read the entire PJP Consensus Statement and use the form below to endorse the statement on behalf of yourself or your organization.

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