HIV PJA - AIDS 2012 Info & Survey

Whether you are planning on attending the XIX International AIDS Conference this July in Washington, D.C. or you're looking to participate in the proceedings from home, HIV Prevention Justice Alliance has got you covered!  Read about our exciting slate of AIDS 2012 activities below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to tell us how you want to get involved.

Our AIDS 212 activities are spread across three main areas - and you can participate whether you are in D.C. or at home.  Follow the links to find out more:


We Can End AIDS - Human Rights & Harm Reduction March
On Tuesday, July 24 in the streets and parks around the conference site, we will gather for a powerful mobilization called We Can End AIDS. The events will start at noon to take place during the conference lunch break – and will consist of five separate branches on different themes that will converge in a spirited rally at Lafayette Park (right across from the White House) at 2 pm.

The HIV Prevention Justice Alliance is working with ACT UP Philadelphia and the Drug Policy Alliance on one branch––a march honoring those in the fight for Human Rights  and Harm Reduction (HR/HR). The issues we will focus on include: how the drug war spreads HIV/AIDS;  how big banks are linked to the mass imprisonment that fuels the epidemic;  how people are standing up to the criminalization of HIV, condoms, and sex work;   and how black gay men, transgender people, and our loved ones stay resilient and strong in the face of human rights violations and high rates of HIV infection.

The four other branches will focus on women and reproductive justice, the Robin Hood tax, the crisis of high drug prices, and local/legislative issues.

How can you help?

• Join Human Rights and Harm Reduction (HR/HR) planning calls every Friday at 11 am
• Come to the mobilization, if you are at AIDS 2012, or come just for the day if you are in the region.
• Sign up to have a specific role in the HR/HR branch or the overall mobilization.



What if there was a free conference in Washington DC, where thousands of people gather from around the world to talk about HIV/AIDS and organize for change?

Well, there is!

The Global Village of AIDS 2012 is " a diverse and vibrant space where community gathers from all over the world to meet, share and learn from each other"  And it's completely free and open to the public."  It's open every day and evening during the main conference, and we feel it's well worth going to even if you aren't registered for AIDS 2012.  Many people feel it's the best part of the conference.

 And as a member of the HIV PJA, you'll have a special home base in the Global Village!  We are one of the few organizations that has been selected to co-coordinate a "Networking Zone" in the Global Village. Partnering with the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, we're running a section of the Global Village focusing on Human Rights / Social, Economic and Prevention Justice.

In the zone, we'll be hosting strategy sessions, prop-making parties for mobilizations, and gathering space for like-minded allies from around the world. We're looking for volunteers and participants, and look forward to sending you our schedule which we are firming up shortly.

How can you help?

• If you can get to DC and have a place to stay, come participate in the Global Village from July 22 – July 26
• Volunteer for one or more three-hour slots at the Human Rights / Social, Economic and Prevention Justice Networking Zone
• Participate in Human Rights / Social, Economic and Prevention Justice Networking Zone events


Countdown AIDS 2012: is an open, public project for sharing information and mobilizing around the 19th International AIDS Conference, known as AIDS 2012. During the conference, we will be running Countdown AIDS 2012 out of our Networking Zone, so you can see us in action making this vibrant resource happen

Countdown AIDS 2012 will feature:
•    Original and cross-posted blogs bringing diverse perspectives on the conference
•    LiveBlogs from important conference sessions and events, as they happen
•    Interviews with activists, change-makers and policy-players from across the US and around the world

How can you help?
•    Sign up to be a blogger for Countdown  - we'll provide training and technical assistance, even if you've never done it before!
•    Publicize Countdown during the conference by distributing our stickers and letting people know how to find us
•    Be a Countdown Promoter: Publicize Countdown on your own website, social media like Facebook and Twitter, or through your email contacts.
•    Even if you are not in DC, read and comment on CountdownAIDS2012, and share posts with your colleagues and friends.


Please take a moment to fill out the survey below and let us know if you're available to volunteer at the conference or if you'd like to participate from afar by being one of a team of bloggers and social media mavens.

Even if you've never blogged before, we'd love for you to start with us! No experience required. Below are a few potential blog topics we'll be covering - check the boxes and let us know what you are interested in (list in development):

HIV PJA Economic Justice
HIV PJA Queer and Transgender Justice
HIV PJA Mass Imprisonment and Criminalization
HIV Prevention