Save Funding for Sidewalks and Bike Lanes for Kids!

Kid on bicycle Kids need safe places to get outside and be active. They need sidewalks, street crossings, bike lanes and paths. But sometimes what kids need gets lost in grown-up debates.

Right now, the Governor is considering cutting existing bicycle and pedestrian funding and we only have a couple of weeks to protect these important programs!

In the latest Congressional budget deal, the two parties agreed to take back $2.5 billion in unspent federal transportation funds, leaving it up to each state to decide which programs to cut. Sadly, bicycle and pedestrian projects are often the hardest hit when this happens. Last year, states sent back $2.2 billion, and half of that came from biking and walking projects, even though they represented just 7 percent of transportation funding.

Please tell the governor today to keep funding for sidewalks, street crossings, bike lanes and paths.

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