Mobility 21 Members Support Measure J

Mobility 21 urges you to endorse Measure J to help Los Angeles County rebuild its economy and create hundreds of thousands of good new jobs by accelerating completion of transit, highway and local street projects that have already been approved by voters. Measure J does this without increasing taxes. It simply continues Measure R, a sales tax approved by voters in 2008 to provide traffic relief, for another 30 years.


CREATES JOBS NOW: Measure R’s transportation projects will create more than 400,000 jobs over three decades, and  Measure J accelerates creation of 250,000 of these jobs over the next decade. (Jobs estimate from LA County Economic Development Corporation.)

SPEEDS UP CONSTRUCTION: Measure J will accelerate construction of 7 light rail, subway and airport connection projects and 8 highway projects over the next decade instead of over 30 years as provided  by Measure R.

RELIEVES TRAFFIC: Measure J provides money for highway improvements that will relieve congestion on all LA County freeways — the 5, 10, 14, 60, 101, 110, 134, 138, 210, 405, 605 and 710!

PROVIDES LOCALLY CONTROLLED MONEY: Every city in LA County and every part of unincorporated LA County will get 30 additional years of “local return” money – more than $19 billion overall -- for streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, transit, and to fill thousands of potholes every year.

NO PORK-BARREL SPENDING! There is an agreed-upon countywide plan to speed up projects in the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, the South Bay, Southeast LA County and the North County.

PROVIDES OVERSIGHT: Measure J mandates independent oversight by a committee of retired judges to make sure tax dollars are properly spent.

KEEPS SENIOR FARES LOW: Measure J will enable Metro to keep bus fares low for seniors, students and the disabled.

INVESTS IN THE FUTURE: Measure J builds the infrastructure now that will benefit both current and future generations.

IMPROVES EARTHQUAKE SAFETY: Speeds the earthquake repair of aging bridges, tunnels and overpasses.

We enthusiastically endorse Measure J. Measure J will help revive the area economy, create thousands of jobs and accelerate expansion of Los Angeles County's public transit system while improving the highway system as well. Plus, local governments get 15 percent of the revenues for local transportation projects.

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