Fall bond sale critical for California's economy

Support SB 1225

Action AlertWe need your help today in urging your legislators to support a budget that includes a Fall bond sale for transportation. It is critical that the transportation community and the public speak up now because both the Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees for transportation are scheduled to have a hearing on the issue this week.

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PROTECT JOBS: Without a state budget in place the State Treasurer could delay the Fall bond sale. If the Fall sale is cancelled, thousands of good-paying jobs will be lost. Tens of thousands of good paying jobs are generated by transportation improvement projects and are welcome relief for the construction industry, in particular, which has been buffeted by unemployment rates approaching 40 percent.

PREVENT WASTED TAXPAYER DOLLARS: Some projects are already are under construction. Shutting down the work will not only throw more people out of work but cost taxpayers millions of dollars to shut-down and remobilize.

KEEP CALIFORNIA MOVING: Mobility is the linchpin of the economy. Moving people and goods more efficiently keeps the state’s economic engine running smoothly.

RIPPLE EFFECT: If the state can’t be a solid funding partner, California could lose potentially billions of federal matching dollars.

EASE CONGESTION AND CLEAN THE AIR: Proposition 1B projects are specifically planned to ease traffic, which improves air quality.

IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO: The state has a moral commitment to California taxpayers who overwhelmingly approved Propositions IB and IA in 2006 and 2008 to invest in transportation infrastructure. Voters were alarmed that the state can’t even afford to fix potholes on highways let alone add more highway capacity and give traffic weary commuters and others more transit options


SIGN ON: Sign your name to the letter of support provided. This will be delivered to your member of the State Assembly and State Senator as well as members of key budget committees in both houses of the State legislature (listed on the right hand side of the screen).

SPEAK OUT: If you're in Sacramento, attend a Senate of Assembly budget hearing. Check the schedule

PICK UP THE PHONE: Don't like sending an e-mail? A simple 30 second phone call to your member can make a big difference. Call today to make your voice heard.

PASS IT ON: Encourage your friends, colleagues, neighbors and family to do the same.

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