Americans and Israelis in Solidarity : SAY NO TO ANNEXATION

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Americans for Peace Now and our Israeli sister organization Peace Now (Shalom Achshav) are raising our voices in solidarity and asking Israelis and Americans who care about peace to sign on to this letter.

The government of Israel, with the encouragement of the Trump administration, intends to begin annexation of the West Bank as soon as July 1st. Annexation would have disastrous repercussions for Israelis and Palestinians and would threaten US national security interests.

Israeli and American citizens are urging the government of Israel to abandon its unilateral annexation plan and to instead pursue negotiations with the Palestinian leadership to reach a conflict-ending peace accord.

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5214 - TOTAL SIGNATURES as of 6-30-20 (combines the number below with signers in Israel and independent sites)

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Number Date Name
3763 4 hours ago Gershom Durbin
3762 12 hours ago ruth minka
3761 13 hours ago Sarah Hendlish
3760 13 hours ago Jan Herzog
3759 15 hours ago Elena Moser
3758 15 hours ago Elena Moser
3757 15 hours ago Renee Enteen
3756 16 hours ago Jane Martin
3755 16 hours ago Dana Schwartz
3754 16 hours ago Alana Bowman
3753 17 hours ago D.Lee Alekel
3752 17 hours ago Beatrice Waterhouse
3751 18 hours ago Beth Weinberger
3750 18 hours ago Melanie Berzon
3749 18 hours ago Todd Miller
3748 18 hours ago Bonnie Gillis
3747 1 day ago James Dawson
3746 1 day ago Denise Lytle
3745 1 day ago Neil Spears
3744 1 day ago Elizabeth Story
3743 3 days ago James Marsh
3742 3 days ago Michael Chai
3741 3 days ago Sonia Noemi Cross
3740 4 days ago John Moszyk
3739 4 days ago Janine Colonna
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