Tell AIPAC: Condemn and Disinvite Netanyahu!

Benjamin Netanyahu has forged an alliance with racists. AIPAC should condemn him, not make him a featured speaker at its policy conference.

Speaking at AIPAC’s policy conference has in the past provided Prime Minister Netanyahu with what Israelis perceive as the seal of approval of pro-Israel Americans just before elections. Israeli elections are scheduled for April 9, two weeks after the AIPAC conference.

Netanyahu made common cause with Otzma Yehudit, a party led by followers of the racist ideology of Rabbi Meir Kahane. Netanyahu orchestrated a deal to ensure Otzma’s representation in the next Knesset. The party’s platform calls for “total war” against “Israel’s enemies” (read: Palestinians) and their expulsion from Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

After Bibi brokered the Otzma Yehudit deal, AIPAC called it a “racist and reprehensible” party. But the very next day, AIPAC announced it was “honored” to host Netanyahu at its conference.

This is unconscionable.

So let’s tell AIPAC: It’s time to condemn and disinvite Netanyahu!

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