Tell your Senators: Sign the Feinstein letter on diplomacy with Iran

Last time it was the House; now it’s the Senate. 

Earlier this month, thousands of APN activists responded to our call to contact their elected members of the House of Representatives and urge them to sign onto a letter supporting reinvigorated U.S. diplomacy with Iran.  The result was an historic letter to President Obama, signed by a bipartisan group of 131 members of Congress.  Now we are reaching out to you, APN’s activists, once again.  This time, we need you to contact your senators and urge them to sign the letter being circulated by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). 

Like its House counterpart, Senator Feinstein’s letter boils down to a simple message to President Obama, summarized in the letter’s opening paragraph:  “We urge you to seize the opportunity presented by the upcoming inauguration of Iran’s new president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, by reinvigorating diplomatic efforts to secure a verifiable agreement that ensures that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Tell your Senators to support diplomacy.