Tell your representative how disappointed you are that they did not sign the Schakowsky-Doggett-Price letter

Recently we asked you to call your Representative and urge them to sign a pro-diplomacy letter being circulated by Representatives Schakowsky (D-IL), Doggett (D-TX), and Price (D-NC) among Democrats in the House. Thousands of you responded – and your representatives took notice!

In the end, 151 Democrats Members of Congress signed this letter to President Obama asking him to stay on course, build on the recently announced political framework and continue to work toward a strong and verifiable agreement between the P5+1 countries and Iran that will prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon.

This would be a huge success for any pro-peace, pro-diplomacy letter. It is an even more significant success today, given the degree to which the debate in Congress has been dominated by voices opposing diplomacy and seeking to undermine or block an agreement. This letter shows that more than one-third of the House supports diplomacy. While in no way committing its signers to any specific position with respect to a final deal, nonetheless this letter signals that there may well be sufficient support for a deal in Congress to sustain a presidential veto of diplomacy-killing legislation.

Few would have predicted that the Schakowsky-Doggett-Price letter would attract so many signers. The fact that it did so is in large part a testament to the energetic grassroots activism mobilized in support of the letter. Indeed, the success of the Schakowsky-Doggett-Price letter demonstrates how important it is that members of Congress hear from you – now and in the future. Never doubt for a minute that your opinion matters to your elected officials, whether with respect to Iran, or Israel-Palestine, or any other issue.

If your member is one of the 47 members of Congress who did not sign the Schakowsky-Doggett-Price letter, send them a message letting them know that you, as a constituent, are frustrated and disappointed in them.

Schakowsky-Doggett-Price letter non-signers:

  • Boyle, Brendan F. PA-13
  • Coleman, Bonnie Watson NJ-12
  • Cooper, Jim TN-05
  • Costa, Jim CA-16
  • Crowley, Joe NY-14
  • Cuellar, Henry TX-28
  • Deutch, Ted FL-21
  • Engel, Eliot NY-16
  • Frankel, Lois FL-22
  • Gabbard, Tulsi HI-02
  • Graham, Gwen FL-02
  • Grayson, Alan FL-09
  • Green, Gene TX-29
  • Hastings, Alcee FL-20
  • Himes, Jim CT-04
  • Hoyer, Steny MD-05
  • Israel, Steve NY-03
  • Kilmer, Derek WA-06
  • Kirkpatrick, Ann AZ-01
  • Levin, Sander MI-09
  • Lipinski, Dan IL-03
  • Lowey, Nita NY-17
  • Meng, Grace NY-06
  • Messer, Luke IN-06
  • Maloney, Carolyn NY-12
  • Murphy, Patrick FL-18
  • Nadler, Jerrold NY-10
  • Norcross, Donald NJ-01
  • Pallone, Frank NJ-06
  • Pascrell, Bill NJ-09
  • Peters, Scott CA-52
  • Peterson, Collin MN-07
  • Quigley, Michael IL-05
  • Rice, Kathleen NY-04
  • Sarbanes, John MD-03
  • Schiff, Adam CA-28
  • Schrader, Kurt OR-05
  • Sherman, Brad CA-30
  • Sinema, Kyrsten AZ-09
  • Sires, Albio NJ-08
  • Titus, Dina NV-01
  • Vargas, Juan CA-51
  • Vela, Filemon TX-34
  • Wasserman Schultz, Debbie FL-23