Follow-Up Action Alert: Urge Members to Sign Price-Dreier Iran Diplomacy Letter

Reps. David Price (D-NC) and David Dreier (R-CA) are trying to do the right thing on Iran.  We need you to tell other members to join them.  At a time when bipartisanship is rarely seen on Capitol Hill, Reps. Price and Dreier have joined forces to initiate a bipartisan letter to President Obama supporting ongoing diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis over Iran’s nuclear program.   

Recent actions in the House may have, regrettably, sent a message that House members are not supportive of ongoing diplomatic efforts to deal with Iran.  In addition, with the passage of H. Res. 568, Congress is endorsing a policy of rejecting Iran acquiring “nuclear weapons capability.” However, the text of the resolution nowhere defines what the term “nuclear weapons capability” means.

The Price-Dreier letter makes clear that the current diplomatic efforts to deal with Iran have strong, bipartisan Congressional backing.   Moreover, it clearly defines “nuclear weapons capability” as “the capability to produce them [nuclear weapons] from stockpiled materials and components,” consistent with a definition articulated by Rep. Berman on May 15th: “Nuclear weapons capability--there are three elements, as defined by the Director of National Intelligence: fissile material production, one. Design, weaponization, and testing of a warhead, two. A delivery vehicle. To be nuclear-capable, you really have to…master all three elements.  While Iran has the delivery system, they have not yet mastered--but they are making progress--on steps one and two. And if one day, when they've mastered all the other elements and they kick out the inspectors and they shut off the cameras, I will consider them nuclear-capable.”

Tell your member of Congress to support this clearer statement of policy on Iran.