Tell Congress to Support Iran Diplomacy, not Iran War

Recently, we asked you to contact your members of Congress to tell them that AIPAC and its supporters don’t speak for you when they call for ever-more belligerent U.S. policy on Iran.

Since we sent you that original action alert, there has been an important development: Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced HR 4173, the “Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons and Stop War through Diplomacy Act.”  This extremely constructive legislation calls for sustained, robust U.S. diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis with Iran, including calling for the appointment of a high-level United States representative or special envoy for Iran.

As we noted previously, there is no question that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a serious threat to Israel and U.S. national security interests. Addressing this threat requires a sober, rational approach, not the adoption of reckless positions or support for precipitous military action. Likewise, Israeli-Palestinian peace is a vital U.S. and Israeli interest. Without peace, Israel cannot have real security and cannot survive as a Jewish state and a democracy

In this election season, members of Congress are under intense pressure. They need to hear from you. You need to let them know that AIPAC and its supporters don’t speak for all Jews or all Americans on these issues. You need to let members of Congress know that they have engaged, active constituents, like you, who want them to do the right thing - not just the politically expedient thing - on Iran and Israel.

If you haven’t contacted your own members of Congress yet, please do so now!