Tell your member of Congress: Sign the Ellison-Jones letter on Iran Diplomacy

We are all concerned about the threat of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. An Iran armed with nuclear weapons represents an alarming scenario that neither the U.S. nor Israel, nor for that matter, the world, can afford to dismiss, and one that the U.S. and the international community must exert all efforts to avoid.

A war with Iran is neither desirable nor inevitable. The best chance for avoiding it is engaging in tough, sustained, robust U.S. diplomacy, in tandem with the extraordinarily far-reaching sanctions that have already been imposed against the Iranian regime.

Unfortunately, a major part of this pro-war campaign is the dismissal of even the idea that diplomacy is an option.

Ask your Member of Congress to sign the bipartisan Ellison-Jones letter in support of diplomacy to prevent nuclear proliferation and war with Iran.