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December 12, 2017

Strengthen the Voices of Residents

2017 has been an action-packed year of advocacy to promote the voices of residents and protect consumer rights!  Thank you for your support!

Your donations over this past year have been critical to our advocacy. In 2017, you helped us DEFEND the newly revised nursing home regulations that enhance protections from evictions, abuse, and neglect; DEVELOP resources and conduct trainings for advocates on these new regulations; ADVOCATE against cuts to, and proposed changes in, the Medicaid program; PROVIDE EXPERTISE and advice to members of Congress seeking to enhance protections for nursing home residents during natural disasters; ADVOCATE for effective implementation of the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Settings rule, the first federal standards for HCBS; ENGAGE residents and other long-term care consumers in national policy efforts through our Consumer Advisory Council; and LAUNCH a newsletter for residents, the Resident Advocate.

But, our work is not done.  Over the next year, strong advocacy will be needed to fight current harmful proposals including:

  • Continued efforts to roll back and revise sections of the nursing home regulations in the name of reducing burdens on providers;
  • Proposed changes in Medicaid, the long-term care safety net program, that will mean:
    • Less access to nursing homes and home and community-based care
    • Tougher eligibility standards to qualify for Medicaid
    • Shifting the burden of paying for nursing home care - $82,000 per year for a semi-private room – to residents and families
    • Weakened oversight of long-term care facilities
  • Restrictions on the ability to bring a lawsuit by people who have been seriously injured or killed by negligent or abusive health care providers, including nursing homes and staff;
  • Efforts to re-open the HCBS settings rule that would lead to the loss of important protections and choice for long-term care consumers .

We need your support TODAY to help keep our advocacy strong!  Read more here.

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New Publication on Supported Decision-Making

The National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making has published a new article - "Supported Decision-Making: Implications from Positive Psychology for Assessment and Intervention in Rehabilitation and Employment."  The article reviews existing literature on positive psychology, supported decision-making (SDM), employment, and disability. It examines interventions and assessments that have been empirically evaluated for the enhancement of decision-making and overall well-being of people with disabilities.  Read the abstract and access the full publication here.

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Nursing Home Residents Can Leave the Facility

The holidays are a time for gatherings with family and friends. Nursing home residents often want to join in family festivities and visit with children and grandchildren, but may be under the impression that they will lose Medicare coverage if they leave the facility to do so. This is not true.

The Medicare Benefit Policy Manual recognizes that although most beneficiaries are unable to leave their facility, "an outside pass or short leave of absence for the purpose of attending a special religious service, holiday meal, family occasion, going on a car ride, or for a trial visit home, is not, by itself evidence that the individual no longer needs to be in a SNF for the receipt of required skilled care."

Residents receiving Medicaid may also be eligible to leave for overnight visits and still have their bed paid for if their state has a therapeutic leave or bed hold policy. Each state’s rules are different so residents and families need to have all the facts before planning an overnight visit. Get more information in this fact sheet.

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Spotlight on Resources

The Consumer Voice and the National Ombudsman Resource Center (NORC) have a multitude of resources available online covering a wide range of long-term care topics.  Visit the Consumer Voice website and the NORC website to explore all the available resources.  Take a look at this week's highlighted resource:

NORC Notes is a monthly email reminder of available resources on the NORC website and tips for how ombudsman programs can use them.  Read the most recent issue here.

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Strengthen the Voices of Residents

New Publication on Supported Decision-Making

Nursing Home Residents Can Leave the Facility

Spotlight on Resources

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