Father of 2 Dreamers to be deported

After immigrating to the U.S. in 1998 from India, Vasant Shetty, like many other entrepreneurial immigrants, looked for an opportunity to begin a business in the U.S. and received a H1B visa. In 2003, he worked full-time for a religious institute who petitioned him under a special immigrant visa. After going through all of the required procedures to attain an adjustment of status and spending $8,000, his petition was unfairly denied for lack of proof!

Now Vasant faces deportation and separation from his family and the community he’s given so much to.

In his 15-year-long American Dream journey, Vasant has never stopped working full-time; he has managed a hotel, worked for a religious institute and opened up two motels of his own. Vasant’s business, which he runs with his wife, brings much-needed jobs to Seligman, Arizona where the community suffers from high unemployment.

Vasant has no criminal history, contributes to the community, has good moral character and has raised a beautiful family. He has two sons, both DREAMers, who have been able to attain a college education and are awaiting DACA approval.

Vasant came to U.S. without anything, started from scratch and has prospered. He believes in the goodness of America and asks that you help his family stay together in the country that he calls home.

Dear Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Director of ICE John Morton and Arizona’s Field Office ICE Director Katrina Kane :
Please exercise prosecutorial discretion and stop the deportation of Vasant Shetty (A# 097-353-187). Vasant is an exemplary member of our community, and a successful business owner who has created jobs for our people in times of economic hardships. He has a beautiful wife and is a father of two bright young college students.
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