Take Action for the Detention of Erika's Family

Take Action for the Detention of Erika's Family

UPDATE: Local AZ ICE offices have disconnected their phones, and there are reports that Maria Arreola (Erika's Mom) will not be deported TODAY.

Thank you for helping, but "Won't be deported today" is not enough. Let's call Janet Napolitano and demand that Maria Andiola be released.


On January 10, Erika and her family were at home spending time with each other.  That evening, someone knocked on the door, and as Erika answered, the first thing she saw an ICE officer handcuffing her brother, who had been outside talking to a neighbor. Another ICE officer stood in front of Erika asking for Maria, her mother.

Erika asked the officer if he had a warrant and why they were taking her family. He answered that they were undocumented and had to go. The officers detained her mother before driving away.

Out of nowhere and in an instant, Erika and her younger brother were left alone in the living room, forcibly separated from their closest family. Erika leads immigrant youth nationwide; her story and activism are well-known. Recently, President Obama and ICE announced they would not deport individuals without a criminal record, but our families are torn apart every day. If this could happen to Erika, it could happen to anyone else.

End their deportation now. Help us keep Erika's family together.

Call Department of Homeland Security officials and voice the frustration in our community: stop separating our families. Stop terrorizing our families and making them live in fear under the threat of deportation. Demand leadership from our leaders! Call:

DHS Head Janet Napolitano:

ICE head John Morton

President Obama:
202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414

“Hi, my name is ____________. I’m calling because you separated a family and held Maria Arreola and Heriberto Arreola. They are hardworking and pose no threat to public safety. Their arrest was unjust and goes against ICE's own policies. This happens to thousands of families everywhere, and your leadership continues to sit idle without standing for family values. We are all Andiola. Stop the separation of families NOW!"
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Erika's Brother and his family

Erika's Brother and his family.