Pass the DREAM Act NOW!

Pass the DREAM Act NOW!

Every year, 65,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S. high schools. These are children who have grown up in America, gone to American schools, played with their American peers and who call themselves American. Among them are valedictorians, star atheltes, artists. Just like every other American child in our country, these young students have hopes and dreams of one day becoming doctors, teachers, football players, and much more. Unfortunately, opportunities to advance their education and achieve their hopes and aspirations are not available. Many of them are banned from attending public universities simply because they lack a nine digit number. Those lucky few who are allowed the opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning are often unable to pay tuition due to the high out of state fees they are often faced with.

Yet, there are those who despite these obstacles, are able to break through the barriers and become professionals, receiving degrees from some of the most prestigious universities across the country. Today, there are countless nurses, teachers, engineers, who because of their undocumented status, are unable to use their degrees to better our country. This is an unfortunate situation, not only for them, but also for America. It is a great injustice that the investment we have already made in their education along with their talents is going to waste.

Since the first introducation of the DREAM Act in 2001, 650,000 dreams have been shattered. This injustice must stop! We must ensure that not another class of talented young people has to say good-bye to their dreams. The passage of the DREAM Act would allow access to education for these indiviuals and provide a path way to legalization. Please stand with us in asking congress & the President to do what is right and pass the DREAM Act this year!

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